Is rap beef back in a big way? Drake’s leaked song, Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty), is stirring up a storm online. The scathing lyrics target a who’s who of hip-hop, including Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Future, Metro Boomin, and Rick Ross.

Drake in a still from In My Feelings

The song uses a sample from Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s old hit, Get Money. While the beat has been tweaked and the original Get Money sample removed from the OG demo, Drake has also added new lyrics at the end along with a fresh beat and some singing. Whether it’s real or not, but this could be the start of a big rap feud! 

Drake Fires Back with Alleged Diss Track

Drake - Spin bout U
Drake in a still from Spin bout U

Drake is not holding back in his alleged diss track! He’s going after each of his rivals with sharp and pointed lyrics. He went on to mock his long-time adversary Kendrick Lamar for his pop collaborations, rapping: 

“Maroon 5 need a verse, you better make it witty/Then we need a verse for the Swifties/Top say drop, you better drop and give ’em 50/Pipsqueak pipe down, you ain’t in no Big 3/SZA got you wiped down/Travis [Scott] got you wiped down/[21] Savage got you wiped down/Like your label boy, you Interscope right now.”

Drizzy then took a shot at The Weeknd for not staying true to his roots: 

“Claim the 6 and boys ain’t even come from it/And when you boys got rich you had to run from it/Cash blowin’ Abel bread, out here trickin’/S**t we do for b***hes he doing for n***as.”

The Canadian rapper also called out Future for not making it big internationally, hinting that his success is limited to America:

“I could never be nobody number one fan/Your first number one had to put it in your hand/You p***ies can’t get booked outside America for nan/I’m out in Tokyo because I’m big in Japan.”

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He even took a swipe at producer Metro Boomin: 

“I get more love in the city that you’re from, n***a/Metro, shut yo h*e a*s up and make some drums, n***a.”

And of course, he’s got something to say about Rick Ross too: 

N****s really got me out here talking Like i’m 50. Might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky. Can’t believe he jumping in, n***a turning 50. Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy. Worry ’bout whatever goin’ on with you and (Rick Ross grunt).”

The authenticity of the leaked track is the biggest question mark. While some fans believe it’s classic Drake, others suspect advanced AI technology is at play. 

Drake Faces Multi-Front Battle with Rap Heavyweights

Drake in a still from Headlines

Drake’s alleged diss track seems to be the latest chapter in an ongoing saga. This came after The Weeknd took his shots at Aub on the track All to Myself, while A$AP Rocky aimed his subliminals at him on Show of Hands — both produced by Metro Boomin. 

These tracks are part of Future and Boomin’s new joint album, We Still Don’t Trust You, which was released on April 12. There’s also some tension between OVO and Rick Ross. It started when the Hustlin‘ star stopped following him on social media.

Drake even invited Cristina Mackey, Ross’ ex, to his Miami concert recently. And let’s not forget the ongoing feud between him and Kendrick Lamar. They’ve been throwing subtle jabs at each other in their songs for years. 

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With all these rappers firing shots at the 37-year-old, it’s clear he’s facing a multi-fronted battle. But if the alleged track proved to be Champagne Papi’s, then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he fired back with just as much intensity!

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