A new video has been revealed by the producer of the Arrow series. The series saw an end this year after it successfully completed its eight seasons. The series was said to be quite unique in its own way and was quite successful. However, all good things do come to an end and in this process of the Arrow series Oliver Queen expired. Even after the actor’s demise, the state of Arrowverse has not been affected. All the credit for this goes to Crisis on Infinite Earth. 

Arrow Series Skips on a 3-Level Bunker!

The finale for the Arrow series is finally arrived
A glimpse from the series

There are various other shows on DC that are part of the same multiverse. A recent tweet by Guggenheim on Twitter has revealed something interesting regarding some actions from the Arrow series. It has revealed interesting facts regarding scripts of the scenes that have been deleted or re-purposed. A video too has been shared by him that reveals a model that represented a massive three-level bunker.

The 3-Level Bunker Could Have Been a Savior!

A 3-level bunker failed to be part of the Arrow series
A fighting still of the Arrow series

However, it further states that it is not able to afford the same. The bunker plays a very important role in the Arrow series since it is used as a medium to protect Oliver and his vigilantes. The Arrow series was seen to have created history through its 8 seasons. However, with its end will it also lead to the end of its characters only time will tell.

Arrow Series Saw The Death of Oliver Queen!

Oliver Queen who could be part of the Finale
A still of Oliver Queen

Many characters seem to have no new plans on returning back to the Arrowverse whereas some others might come back. Seeing the behind the scenes video it would have been interesting if the audiences could witness a glimpse of the bunker in the finale of the Arrow series.

Since the size of the bunker was huge it might have cost a lot which might have gone out of budget. 

Here’s a look at some of the final moments from the Arrow Series :

Source : heroichollywood, screenrant


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