Early Ghostbusters: Afterlife reviews are positive, which is great news for fans. The first Ghostbusters: Afterlife comments began to pour in after the sequel was shown at Sony’s CinemaCon panel, with many describing the film as the Ghostbusters sequel that fans had been yearning for since the first Ghostbusters in 1984. Scott Menzel, a film reviewer, tweeted his thoughts on the film, calling it “the Ghostbusters sequel I’ve been waiting my whole life to see.” He stated, “It’s the epitome of nostalgia done correctly. A great combination of classic Ghostbusters moments with a fresh and distinctive touch for a whole new generation to appreciate. ”

Menzel isn’t the only one who thinks this way; actor Josh Gad said that the Afterlife is “everything you’ve been yearning for and so much more.” He also advised viewers to “bring Kleenex” for their watching experience. According to reporter Jeffrey Harris, the film “does contain a lot of references, but it’s a sentimental tribute to the brand.” “A good continuation of the first two films,” stated CinemaBlend Managing Director Sean O’Connell, who also praised the film’s “nostalgia for the original” and “a terrific turn by McKenna Grace as Egon’s granddaughter.” The best lines were delivered by Paul Rudd. Fans will enjoy it. ” Ghostbusters: Afterlife, directed by Jason Reitman, is the sequel to the original Ghostbusters and its 1989 sequel, Ghostbusters II. Following delays caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the third film will be released in theatres this November. Early reviews of Afterlife support Bill Murray’s statements, who featured in the first two films and will reprise his role in Afterlife. Murray previously remarked in an interview that Reitman’s movie is more of a tribute to the original film than the sequel or the 2016 reboot. “[Director Jason Reitman] had a very, really great idea that he created with another great person I got to work with, Gil Kenan, who did the City of Ember,” Murray remarked in April. “They co-wrote a Ghostbusters film that truly put the franchise back to life. It has more of the vibe of the first one than the second or the girls’ one. It feels different than two out of four. ” Newcomers to Ghostbusters: Afterlife include Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd, and Mckenna Grace. They are joined by Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, as well as Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver, who are franchise constants. The film will be released in cinemas on November 11th.

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