After their split from their former partners, Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davison got close to each other and were confirmed to be dating. However, he was recently seen cozily hanging out with another woman. It is none other than his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui. Although the cos-stars are reportedly just on “friendly” terms, it is still raising eyebrows. Also, the absence of Ratajkowski around Davidson has left people wondering whether the pair are done with each other or not. The supermodel started dating the SNL (Saturday Night Live) star following her divorce from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September. And before Ratajkowski, Davidson had been in a relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson Gets Cozy and Close With Chase Sui

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui
Pete Davidson and Chase Sui

Amid the talks of his relationship with Emily Ratajkowski, SNL star Pete Davidson was spotted with another woman recently. And the woman in question is Davidson’s co-star Chase Sui. According to an insider, the two became good friends with each other while working on the set of the 2022 flick Bodies Bodies Bodies. In fact, both actors were spotted hanging out together several times even though he is dating Ratajkowski.

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Recently, Davidson was spotted causally and comfortably hanging out with Chase Sui in a Whole Foods Supermarket. And a few days ago, the SNL star attended the Rangers hockey game with Sui instead of Ratajkowski. This naturally led to people questioning whether the supermodel had decided to go off the table. But it might not be so, at least from the information that the insider sources have shared. According to TMZ, an insider shared,

 “Chase and Pete are great friends and they have been since they met filming ‘Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.”

Apparently, the two actors are just good buddies, and their closeness has nothing to do with romantic feelings as far as anyone knows.

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Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Relationship

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

After Emily Ratajkowski got divorced from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September, she was immediately linked with Brad Pitt. But nothing came out of their “fun” meetings. But soon in November, she was spotted with SNL star Pete Davidson. He was also single since calling it quits with Kim Kardashian in August after a 9-month-long relationship.

According to people, a source close to Davidson shared that he had been enjoying his time with Ratajkowski. The Source said,  “They are going strong and getting a little more serious”. Further, the source also added that the pair possessed similar vibes which made them click with each other quickly.

Pete Davison
Pete Davison

Their chemistry was seemingly great as reportedly The King of Staten Island star was “fun” and was always making the model laugh. Even a source close to Ratajkowski confirmed saying, “Em is in a great place.”

The supermodel broke her marriage with film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard over cheating allegations. She shares a son with him named Sylvester Apollo.

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