Emma Stone has been in the Hollywood industry for decades. She is famous for casting in blockbuster movies like The Favourite and La La Land. Not only in movies but infact she has also appeared in Netflix dark comedy series like Maniac and Cruella.

The star has been portrayed in many movies in the past, however, there are many movies where the Zombieland: Double Tap star was so close to casting but she didn’t give a nod including Zack Snyder’s movie too. However, the decision may be tough to reject a movie from such a famous director but definitely wasn’t regretted by her.

Emma Stone Turned Down Zack Snyder Film Role to Cast for Easy A

Snapshot from Easy A movie by Emma Stone
Snapshot from Easy A movie by Emma Stone

Many movies were rejected by Emma Stone throughout her entire career in Hollywood. The movies she has rejected include popular movies like Baby Driver, Heroes, and even commercial success movies like Little Women and Ghostbusters.

The star has never really discussed if she regrets rejecting to cast for these movies. However, one of the movies that The Amazing Spider-Man star will not regret rejecting is probably going to be Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch.

To recall, Zack Synder is quite popular for the direction of superhero movies like Zack Synder’s Justice League, Batman Vs Superman, and Man of Steel. Besides these movies, the 57-year-old star previously directed a movie, Sucker Punch.

While auditioning for Sucker Punch movie, the crew, and the filmmaker approached Stone to cast for the movie for the character named Amber.

However, the Superbad star had to reject to cast for the movie as she was facing scheduling conflicts with an another movie, Easy A where she was playing as the lead role.

She did try to avoid the scheduling conflicts but at last Stone finally gave a red flag to portray as Amber in the movie. Soon after the star gave a reg flag, Synder choose Jamie Chung to portray as Amber for the movie.

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Emma Stone Made the Right Call: Rejecting Sucker Punch

Picture of Zack Snyder
Picture of Zack Snyder

Was it a regrettable decision for Stone? Well looking at the fact that Snyder’s Sucker Punch wasn’t even able to break its production budget, the movie was one of the bigger flops for the famous director.

On the other hand, Stone was having a good time by rejecting Sucker Punch and moving to cast for Easy A movie.

Soon after its release, Easy A received a lot of positive acclaim from the fans and it was among the huge blockbusters which crushed the production budget of $8 Million against the Box office revenues where the movie grossed around $75 Million post its release.

Not only that but infact Stone was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award as the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Movie.

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Quentin Tarantino Slams Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch as One of 2011’s Worst Movies

Picture of Quentin Tarantino
Picture of Quentin Tarantino

The year 2011 wasn’t the year in favor of Snyder as already his previous movie, Watchmen was underperforming at the box office with a production budget of $138 Million against the box office earning where the movie only grossed around $180 Million which is way low considering that the movie is adapted from a superhero comic.

After Watchmen, the Hollywood director faced another dip in his career with Sucker Punch released in 2011.

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Famous other directors including Quentin Tarantino who is the man behind commercial success movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Django Unchained, and Halftime shared that Sucker Punch is among the worst movies to release in 2011.

Not only Tarantino, but infact many fans also shared that the movie’s plot and overall morale to show female empowerment wasn’t up to the mark. There was also another part of the audience who claimed the movie to be misunderstood by the viewers.

Source: Collider

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