Warning: Spoilers ahead related to season 2

Umbrella Academy season 1 turned out to be a big hit for Netflix. Many are comparing its success with Aces of Netflix like Stranger Things and Never Have I Ever. It is a complete package of “Netflix and chill” and gathered millions of views just after the first month of its release. Its season 2 was released one week back, and once again, the Hagravees family did not fail to impress the Netflix streamers. The critics highly praised the super cute baby Pogo, and it did add a feather in the cap

umbrella academy allison

The plot is about a group of siblings who were born with various supernatural power and about their Journey to stop the Apocalypse. With the death of young Pogo in season 1 in season 2, they time traveled decades back to the 1960s defeat the Apocalypse again where we got our baby pogo.

the umbrellaacademy season2

In a recent interview with Collider, Raver-Lampman said about the problems faced by Alison. Raver-Lampman revealed that she was not expecting the sequel. However, the showrunner was very much interested in adopting the graphics novel and making its sequel. After knowing this news, she was like, “Great that’s dope, but now we have to cast a black woman as Alison and the difficulties faced by her in the south part due to her black color, and it would be again quite exciting for her to play the role of Alison. This gives us a clear indication of season 3.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Netflix

The way the scriptwriters portrayed the plot is quite adorable; they gave both the emotional and the fantasy touch in a well- balanced manner. However, the show has not been planned yet, and considering this pandemic where new ongoing productions are in halt, starting a new project would be quite cumbersome both for the casting and crew members but after the victory of season 2; the fans want a sequel season 2 again. It is on very high demand from the side of the fans. If season 3 is going to happen, then I will find the problems faced by Alison due to her black color. Let us Netflix comes up with the all-new episodes of season 3 soon.

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