A huge number of photographs of Avengers: Endgame merch have advanced on the web, and they include the first look at one MCU fan-top pick: Valkyrie.

Twitter user HowlStrange shared a series of photos, which reveal the principal look at what she will don in the film. The action figure reveals that Thompson will be wearing her outfit from the third act of Thor: Ragnarok. This might be accompanied with a somewhat unique haircut.

After the character was missing from Infinity War, some started to ponder what precisely her status would be going into Endgame. However, Thompson affirmed via social media soon after the film’s release, Valkyrie would be going “in one piece and flourishing” into the film.

Valkyrie in Endgame

It’s still indistinct precisely how she will return for Endgame. However, the thought that she’s in the film is enough to warrant an action figure will definitely please fans. And dependent on Thompson’s past remarks, it’ll be intriguing to see precisely what characters Valkyrie encounters.


“I mean, Okoye is pretty cool.” Thompson said of the characters she’d like Valkyrie to team up with. “I mean, I bow down to her! Valkyrie would just be like ‘Sis! My long lost sis!’ Just because she’s like, you know, the leader of the Valkyrie of Wakanda. So that would be exciting. Obviously, it’d be so cool to team up with Black Widow, as Scarlett Johansson is sort of OG superhero. Both [Okoye and Black Widow]. Or just the three of us over lunch.”

“I think it’d be fun to see her on Earth.” Thompson added. “I think it would be fun to see her in more unexpected team-ups, because she has such a sort of brash, particular personality. It’d be funny to see her in the MCU, seeing who she gets along with, who she maybe doesn’t get along with. I think the possibilities are wide open.”

Source:, Twitter

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