Avengers: Endgame Toy Leak

New photos of Endgame toys have revealed the first look at Ronin’s mask. The mask of Ronin looks similar to another version of Hawkeye. This same resemblance may hint at the fate of his family.

MCU fans will remember that Clint Barton is unique among other Avengers as he has a family. His children and wife are kept hidden by SHIELD.

The Ultimate Universe Hawkeye

While the original version of Hawkeye doesn’t have a family in the comics, Ultimate Hawkeye is a different story. He’s the Hawkeye of Earth-1610, the Ultimates Marvel Universe that was a major project for Marvel Comics for 15 years. The universe ran from 2000 until 2015 when it was destroyed. Ultimate Hawkeye was also the member of the Ultimates, which was the Ultimate Marvel’s version of The Avengers.

Like the MCU Hawkeye, Ultimate Hawkeye had a family. However, when Ultimate Black Widow betrayed the Ultimates to a villainous group called Liberators, Clint family got murdered.

After this event, Hawkeye developed a deathwish. He wore a mask similar to the one Barton wears in Endgame trailer, though the Ultimate Hawkeye mask had a bullseye on its forehead.

Is MCU’s Hawkeye Inspired By Ultimate Series?

This hints that Endgame may blend the story of Ultimate Hawkeye with the elements of Marvel-616’s Hawkeye. The resemblance could be further cemented with the fact that MCU Hawkeye also lost his family, thanks to Thanos’ snap.

On the other hand, Clint Barton from Marvel’s main Earth-616 universe became Ronin after a surreal and traumatic experience. He was killed by Scarlett Witch during the events of Avengers Dissambled. He later resurrected during the events of House of M. However, when he returned he gave away the moniker of Hawkeye and became Ronin instead.

Source: Comicbook.com, Wikipedia

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