The Avengers: Endgame trailer has turned out to be a standout amongst the most seen trailers ever, outperforming Avengers: Infinity War and The Lion King for the record of the most observed trailer in a solitary day. With such consideration being paid to the trailer, it’s sensible to anticipate that fans should attempt and separate everything about find concealed easter eggs.

The recently discharged IMAX adaptation of the clasp that appeared not long ago may have cleared up a few insider facts, as indicated by MCU Cosmic. In particular, two fan theories that have jumped up since the debut of the trailer have been to some degree affirmed by the enlarged extent of the format.

One of the inquiries concentrated on Natasha Romanov, otherwise known as Black Widow’s hair, which sooner or later will be returned from the blonde she wore in Infinity War back to her common red. The IMAX trailer apparently demonstrates that Natasha still has the blonde hair when she goes up against Clint Barton in Japan, proposing she’ll change the look over the span of the film.

The other unavoidable issue replied by the trailer relates to Nebula and Tony Stark. The only two survivors among all heroes who went to Titan, shots of Nebula strolling through the generally unfilled Guardians spaceship were highlighted in the video. At another point, she was seen contacting contact somebody on the shoulder. While a few fans figured it could be Steve Rogers she was drawing nearer, the augmented edge from IMAX uncovers that scene comes while Nebula is still on the Guardians’ ship and that she’s drawing nearer Tony (shown by the stubble of his whiskers).

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