The news that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing Superman a.k.a Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman movie had been making major headlines for a while. However, there were other rumors and guesses circulating around the actor who will be taking Cavill’s place in the upcoming Superman film, Superman Legacy.

James Gunn and Peter Safran, the chief executives of DC, have put an end to all of these rumors by confirming that David Corenswet would play Superman in the upcoming film.

Following the replacement’s announcement, Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman a.k.a Diana Prince, shared her thoughts and feelings about the new replacement.

Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Shares Her Thoughts On Superman Replacement

Picture of Wonder Woman and Superman (Henry Caill)
Picture of Wonder Woman and Superman (Henry Caill)

Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman was one of the first revealed superheroes in the entire DC universe, followed by Henry Cavill’s screen debut in Man of Steel.

Gadot has played the part of her character in the DC universe for many years, and as of this day, she is one among the DC characters with a genuine connection to the DC universe.

Despite being a character with a strong connection to DC, top DC executive decided to put the new Wonder Woman 3 project on hold. However, the star herself later announced that Wonder Woman 3 is indeed happening.

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Snapshot from ComicBook Interview Featuring Gal Gadot
Snapshot from ComicBook Interview Featuring Gal Gadot

During her interaction with Comicbook, she highlighted about her new movie, Heart of Stone and upcoming Wonder Woman 3 film as well as her feelings on replacing Henry Cavill in upcoming Superman movies.

“I saw that they were testing, doing different screen tests, but I don’t know who got it, but it seemed like everyone was super legit and talented and, like, great. So I’m happy for them. It’s such a huge take-on and it’s such an exciting beginning to any actor, and I wish whoever it’s going to be the best of luck and enjoy the ride.”

The Red Notice star expressed her support for the actor who would take on Superman’s role as Clark Kent in the future film when discussing the recasting for Superman: Legacy.

It should be noted that the Heart of Stone actress made her remark expressing her support for the new Superman actor just over a month after it was revealed that DC newcomer David Corenswet will play the title role of Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy.

The celebrity also expressed her best wishes for Corenswet, the new Superman actor.

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Is Gal Gadot Set to Star in a New Movie Alongside the New Superman?

Snapshot of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice
Snapshot of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice

Many fans wondered if Wonder Women star Gadot would ever meet the new Superman again after she expressed a soft spot for the new actor.

As of now, the whole DCU timeline is quite confusing especially after the Wonder Woman franchise was shelved and later announced that a new third installment will be making its way to release.

Along with her new film, Gunn and Safran have granted the go-ahead for the production of a new television series called Paradise Lost. The origins of Themyscira will be a significant theme of the TV show’s plot.

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It is unclear whether Wonder Woman a.k.a Diana Prince and the new Superman a.k.a Clark Kent will appear in the next film together, like they did in the Justice League and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Neither the producers nor the actors have actually discussed it. Therefore, it would be best if we wait for a proper confirmation.

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