Marvel Studios has released the final trailer of their upcoming MCU project Eternals. It revealed many juicy plots and here are some of them.


Here are some minute details observed from the MCU’s Eternals latest trailer. While Phase 4 is already packed with some huge big-screen releases, very few of them carry the appeal of Eternals. The first trailer has already offered so many glimpses of the heroes and their purpose for coming to Earth that it depicts a taste of Chloe Zhao’s visual flair and some plot details as well.

With that said, here are the 5 quick reveals that you should not miss from Eternals final trailer –

A House On The Prairie

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The final trailer begins with Ajak (Salma Hayek) riding a horse. She is passing across a barren plain and is heading to meet Ikaris. Being the leader of the Eternals, Ajak discovers that a huge threat is on its way and thus, decides to unite her people for the battle. This scene depicts that either Ajak is visiting Ikaris at his remote house or vice versa. Whatsoever the situation would be, this is where the plot of the film begins.

Apocalypse Now

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While trying to depict how worse the Emergence could be, this shot from the Eternals trailer reflects sea and land merging together in a cataclysmic quake. It is yet not clear that whether it is happening in the current MCU timeline or is a part of the historical sequence. However, some fans strongly believe that it represents the fall of Atlantis in eons past. Thus, it could be possible that this is how the timeline is going to set up Namor’s arrival in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Whatever this would be, it is surely an intriguing example of Zhao’s visuals.

The Celestials

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In one of the scenes that depict the Eternal’s black spacecraft, the ‘gang’ could be seen communicating around the statue of Celestial. While this gathering might be some kind of powering-up session, the Eternals are most likely to establish a communication channel with their Celestial creators.

The Deviants

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At last, the Deviants from the Marvel comics are here. They are another type of Celestial creations and are sort of opposite to the god-like Eternals. Many even assumed that the Deviants could be the villains in Eternals. The Deviants shown in the final trailer look somewhat similar to their comic counterparts but impressive regardless. As far as their name is concerned, each of them possesses different mutations. While some have wings, others have fangs, tails, and whatnot.

Black Knight

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The final trailer of Eternals reflects a closer look at Dane Whitman, AKA Black Knight’s life. He takes Sersi to a local Laundromat to ask about her race and why they didn’t bother to help the Avengers when they were battling against Thanos. In the scene, Sersi looks ashamed of the negligence. Also, we all know that there exists a love triangle between Sersi, Ikaris, and Black Knight. But this scene depicts that the seeds of that triangle were sown here.

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