Portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin, the Superman of the CW’s Arrowverse has had a story unlike that in the comic books. he is no longer just the lone guardian of the planet. he is married, living in secret with his two sons, trying to raise his family right. Unlike the other superheroes of the Arrowverse, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman did not have the time to give a fleshed out origin story to the viewers.

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As a result of his unorthodox origin story, the Arrowverse Superman has had many major events in his life happen off screen. And those events do include big names like major DC supervillains. Since Superman is still the strongest superhero Earth has to offer, it is only natural that ha takes on the deadliest of foes. Green Arrow and the Flash do their part to protect Star City and Central City. Likewise, Superman has also ensured his beloved city of Metropolis stays safe and sound.

And the villains that threaten the city meet the swift unbreakable fist of justice that is the Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor

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Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor was a villain in Supergirl. But when he first started out, he actually joined forces with Superman. Both believed that earth should have some form of defense against alien threats from outer space. But eventually, Luthor’s ways became way too unconventional. In the end, Superman had to go against his first ever ally and show the world his true colors. Lex Luthor would later get out of jail and would end up becoming somewhat of a good guy.

General Zod

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Zod has appeared twice in the Arrowverse. he first appeared as a hallucination to Clark. The sceond time, it was revealed the rogue Kryptonian General escaped his prison in the Phantom Zone and made his way to earth. Superman defeated him. In their second fight, Zod was killed by Kal-El. But there is still a chance he might return. Supergirl stated in one episode that the Legion of Superheroes did fight a resurrected Zod in the future. So either Zod is resurrected through magical or technological means. Or his spirit possesses another person via X-Kryptonite.


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During the Crisis on infinite Earths crossover event, Lois Lane lists Doomsday as one of the many threats Superman fight. Since Superman is still alive, we can assume Doomsday lost that fight fair and square. Doomsday is not a creature that likes keeping to itself. If it was still alive, it would still be going on a rampage. The fact that the Arrowverse does not mention doomsday anymore means the unstoppable killing machine is no more.


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In the comics, Maxima goes after Superman because she thinks he is the only person stronger than her and thus worthy of marrying her. The Arrowverse does not show that take on screen. but Supergirl did mention that Maxima tried to retaliate against earth after Superman rejected her advances. This forced Superman to take her down, leading to her being imprisoned in the DEO facility.


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The Crisis on Infinite Earths arc, Superman notes that fighting the Anti-Monitor was the same as “tens rounds with Darkseid”. This proves that Superman has fought the evil tyrant of Apokolips before. It would have been cool to see the Arrowverse superheroes teaming up to take down the forces of Apokolips and Darkseid and his Omega Beams. That could have been some much needed closure for the DCEU fans after Zack Snyder’s Justice League teased the villain.

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