Batwoman closes its first season on Sunday night with an awe-inspiring revelation. Batwoman’s Season 1 finale episode “O, Mouse!”  delivers a finale-worthy cliffhanger. 

Moreover, this episode finally brought our attention to Arrowverse’s version of Bruce Wayne. The CW series revealed the appearance of  Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne. Furthermore, it delivers  hints and clues about Bruce and his vigilante identity as Batman. 


Batman in Arrowverse

The version of Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne has been wrapped in mystery. It wasn’t until Arrow: Season 6 that we even got confirmation about Bruce exists in this world. 

While Crisis on Infinite Earths showed Bruce Wayne in the form of Kevin Conroy’s. He seemed murderous, aged Bruce from Earth-96. However, we’ve never seen the Bruce Wayne of Earth-Prime before. However, this finally changes in Batwoman’s season finale. As the actor, Warren Christie takes over one of the most iconic superhero roles of all time.


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He may have killed the Joker:- We know Bruce gave up being Batman and has been in hiding for three years. After serving as Gotham’s hero for several years, Batman mysteriously vanished over the years. This has left people in wonder, why the Dark Knight had vanished and left them vulnerable to the rampant. Luke Fox hints that the Joker hasn’t been seen in Gotham for five years. He’s not in Arkham, but Batman killed him during an especially brutal encounter.

He grappled with Gotham city cops:-  Batman was the beloved hero of Gotham. However,  he wasn’t exactly beloved by the Gotham City Police Department. In Batwoman’s Season 1 finale, Commissioner Loeb wasn’t fond of him. Commissioner even sent the GCPD to capture him. However, the GCPD began to rely on Batman. It even started using the Bat-Signal to contact the hero whenever the city was in distress and needed Batman.

He is friends with Superman:- Just like Batwoman and Supergirl are friends, so were Batman and Superman. It’s unclear how immeasurable their friendship was. And how often the pair teamed up in the Earth-Prime continuity.

Gotham has mixed feelings about him:- Even years after his disappearance, many of the citizens revere him and continue admiring him. On the other hand, some people hated him. Jacob Kane  considered Batman to be a nutcase who “brought out all the crazies in Gotham.”

He had plenty of allies including a Robin:- The Arrowverse’s Batman didn’t work alone.  It seems as if both the Dark and Scarlet Knights require some support in their mission to save Gotham. Batman had several allies, including Lucius Fox and, at a later point, Julia Pennyworth. It’s also briefly noted that Batman was also associated with a young individual known to the public as Robin. 

He is not secret anymore:- While a large mass is unaware who Batman was. However, there are a few people who are well aware of Batman’s real identity as Bruce Wayne. It’s worth noting that Alice Beth Kane also knows Batman’s identity and others may do as well.



Christie’s casting is significant because it opens the door for the real Bruce Wayne to return. The Arrowverse has been playing up the mystery of Bruce Wayne’s whereabouts for a long time. We doubt Batwoman would introduce  Bruce Wayne look-alike without eventually debuting the real deal. Maybe this twist will even serve as fodder for the newly announced Batwoman-Superman & Lois crossover coming in 2021.

SOURCES:- comicbook, tvguide

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