Savannah Lee May a 21-year-old actress who is famous for her role of Hailey in A Cowgirl’s Song was in conversation talking about her journey and her future projects. While talking about the movie, A Cowgirl’s Song, Savannah said,  “The movie is about a shy girl who has a dream of being a singer-songwriter. That’s where her heart is that’s her passion that’s what she wants to do. She grew up with her grandma as this famous iconic country singer so she kind of wants to follow in her footsteps but she knows that there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that. She is kind of breaking out of her shell throughout the entire film getting over her fear of stage fright and it’s a really fun sweet family film for everyone I mean I think it’s something the whole family can sit down and watch together. It’s a great movie about a message with family and love and following your dreams and never giving up on yourself so yeah that’s a little bit about the movie.”

Exclusive Interview with Savannah Lee May | Actress: A Cowgirl's Song

Savanna felt connected to the character of Hailey

Savannah Lee-May
Savannah Lee May

While talking about how she choose this role, Savannah shared, “I feel really connected to Hailey in a lot of ways. While growing up I was very very shy when I was little a lot of people are kind of shocked to hear that when they first like get to know me they’re like that doesn’t seem like you. Just like Haily, I feel most comfortable when she’s like with her family and when she’s by herself, and even like when she’s meeting new people she’s still very like confident within herself. But then when she goes on stage she kind of loses that confidence and I was the total opposite like I was shy with new people and then when I would go on stage that’s where I felt at home. A lot of myself and Haley for that reason like trying to break out of her shell in a way and you know I grew up with country music in my life my grandpa was a country singer. Actually, the guitar that I use in the film that’s Haley’s guitar it’s actually my grandpa’s original guitar and it’s really cool and so I got to like share that super special moment with my entire family getting to use this guitar on film and I just had so many connections with her. I’m from Texas I’m a country girl myself born and raised. But you know I just really wanted to portray Haley on film because I felt like I could do her justice with how many similarities the two of us had.”

A Cowgirl's Song - Official Trailer

When asked about her background in dance and music and how it helped in choosing her roles, Savannah replied, “My background in musicals and you know growing up as a dancer first that was like my first passion and I loved it and then as I got older I got more interested in like acting but in the musical theater side of things and so getting to do that for so long and focus on that I really fell in love with the craft. When I got to a certain age I really wanted to try tv and film. I was always interested in it but just never thought it was in the cards for me honestly. I’ve had this major pull towards musical projects it’s just where my heart is I love to dance I love to sing like all three aspects and up one project is like dream for me I love it when that happens so I definitely have like a gravitational pull towards projects that have to do with musicals for sure.

Director’s guidance on the project

A Cowgirl's Song
A Cowgirl’s Song

Savanna believes Haley’s character and her was like Hannah Montana. Working alongside Timothy Armstrong, she shared, “Tim was like the kind of director that really wanted to collaborate with us on the film and made it very like open for all of our ideas and was down to hear what we wanted to do for this scene. It makes it a lot easier to really fall into a project and be able to like really let yourself feel the characters and the story and really help it grow so he was truly wonderful to work with.” 

Savannah gave the audition for Hailey on her birthday

A Cowgirl's Song
Savannah in A Cowgirl’s Song

Interestingly Savanna got to audition on her birthday. To which she said, It was nerve-wracking and it’s funny with auditions with like acting I do not get nervous I just go in and do my thing and you know if it happens it happens I’m very much the person who’s like leave it all on the table and if it’s meant to be for you it’ll happen and with this one, I went in there like if I don’t get this I’m gonna be so sad because I’ve admired him for years he’s my dream director like number one biggest dream person to work with and so I’m gonna like die if this does not happen. I went in on my I believe I turned 19 on the first audition I believe I turned 19. and I remember my audition wasn’t even until like 3 30. I had been up since like 8 :30 that morning not even eating anything I was running around my apartment like getting ready singing my song like 400 times before my audition like getting prepped for it reading over the sides and then I was so nervous before I went. I remember waiting in the waiting room and like shaking literally like physically shaking and having to like take deep breaths and then went in did my thing and then once I closed that door to the audition room I immediately like took this massive breath and then I got in the car with my mom and I just started crying and I was like it went so good it was like I feel good about it so it was definitely like one of my funniest audition stories I feel like I’ve heard this really interesting story about the same audition.”  

Co-Star and Ambitious roles of Savannah

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man
Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Working with co-star former angel uh Cheryl Ladd has been like a ray of sunshine for Savannah. She shared her experience and said, “She really is like sweet heartwarming welcoming very like protective and takes care of like everyone on set. She was an absolute pleasure to work with I loved it.” Savannah wants to play the role of a spiderman as she believes it is really fun as a superhero or to be a part of like the marvel universe. She later adds on, “I was like little and watched Tobey Maguire’s version.” She was recently seen playing Buttercup in a TV series, Knight Squad. She believes it was a sweet little ball of energy and honesty. She later adds, “I think that’s like the most energy I’ve used on a set in my entire career because she was always like super hyper and you know i loved playing that role it was my first job in the business and really like opened up so many doors for me it gave me like so many lessons on this business and I learned so much while working on that series and working for nickelodeon was super cool.”

Future projects for Savannah

Being a promising star, Savannah has future projects lined up for her. She shared, “I filmed a movie last year called “Keep Moving” and I know some people who follow my career are excited to see it.”

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