After footage of Ezra Miller resembling to choke a fan before pushing her to the floor surprised the world, he will not be investigated by police, Icelandic police have stated.

At the Center Of Controversy!

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The actor has been at the center of a controversy after he was caught on tape in an altercation with an unknown lady.

Ezra Miller, an American actor, has not been held under custody. He was captured on camera, choking and pushing an anonymous woman on the ground in a bar in Iceland.

The video clip has been roaming online for two days now, earning more eyes from the public, but Miller won’t be fighting any criminal assaults because of his activities, at least for now.

So this star has been at the head of controversies, as he was trapped on tape during a dispute with an anonymous female.

No Formal Charges!

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The Wrap reports that there has been no formal charges filed against Miller regarding the incident.

The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police affirmed to TheWrap that law implementation has never been requested to this alleged dispute.

The Wrap also states that there have been no formal supervisions registered against Miller concerning this unexpected conflict.

One Police Spokesperson named Gunnar Rúnar Sveinbjörnsson stated that “No one was arrested or placed in custody regarding this.”

Miller’s agents did not react to a request for an explanation from the publication at the point of writing. 

Will this affect Miller’s Projects

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In Big Trouble?

The dispute appeared when an over-excited group of fans began confronting him. So it’s not like Miller just worked out of his way to threaten them. A few of his projects might take a hit too.

The actor is placed to reprise his Belief in the third Fantastic Beasts film. Meanwhile, the long-held film The Flash finally has an available release date. The production will start as soon as the world and Hollywood slay the coronavirus.

Sources: Movieweb, TheWrap

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