Set for release next year in December, DC Extended Universe’s Black Adam movie will be a sight for sore eyes.

For decades, fans have screamed at the top of their lungs for Warner Brothers Studios to make a Black Adam live-action movie.

The Gods have answered their call.

The Rock will star as the titular anti-hero in the new DCEU Movie.

Black Adam, one of the greatest anti-heroes DC Comics has to offer, is still a relatively unknown figure for casual superhero lovers. Animated Times has come to your rescue.

These are some must-know facts about Black Adam you have to know before watching the movie.

Started Out As a Slave

black adam slave

It was actually Aman who was bestowed the power of the Gods by the wizard Shazam.

Black Adam stole those powers by killing his nephew, believing he would be a better fit for the role.

Has a Weird Slogan

"Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot"

Could there be a slogan more apt? As DC Comics’ premier anti-hero, this slogan depicts his mindset in all its glory – He will only believe in his own form of justice. And he is ready to spill blood for it.

Member of the Justice Society

black adam jsa

He was also a member of the Injustice Society and the Suicide Squad in latter iterations.

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Wields The Power of Ancient Egyptian Gods

black adam egyptian gods

He is powered by an older set of Gods from an era bygone. He is powered by the Gods of Egypt.

Almost Started World War III

black adam world war 3

His first act was killing 2 million innocent people as an official act of war against the world. It took the entire might of the Justice League to stop him in his tracks.

His Mind Drove Martian Manhunter Insane

black adam martian manhunter

Having killed thousands over the years and witnessing violence of an unprecedented level, Black Adam’s mind is filled with an endless amount of rage. When Martian Manhunter tried to use telepathy to stop him, he got so scared with the mental visions inside Black Adam’s mind that he fled to space in tears.

Has Defeated Superman

black adam superman

Black Adam happens to be one of the few villains who can throw haymakers just as powerful and brutal as foes like Doomsday and Darkseid. Superman has gone on record to state that Black Adam’s punches are extremely powerful and even the Man of Steel can’t escape the after-effects.

He is Married

black adam married to isis

Black Adam even shared a portion of his abilities with Isis. Isis’ brother Amon Tomaz also received a similar gift and became a super human. He is popularly known as Osiris.

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Became a Yellow Lantern

black adam sinestro corps

To become a yellow lantern, one must instill fear in the heart of his or her enemies. Black Adam is one of the strongest super villains to ever exist. He more than qualified for the role of a Sinestro Corps Member.

Was Killed In His Debut

black adam debut death

To add insult to injury, Dudley does not even have any powers. He is just the Shazam Family’s manager. A mere mortal decimated the mighty Black Adam!!

Leader of the Nation of Kahndaq

black adam kahndaq

The justice Society of America felt cheated after Black Adam used them in invading an entire nation. Black Adam was no less of aa tyrant than the dictator he deposed. He led a reign of terror and oppression in Kahndaq just like his predecessor.

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Moved the Moon With His Bare Hands

black adam moon

Ultraman was an evil Superman Clone in the New 52 timeline. After defeating the Ultraman menace, Black Adam’s efforts were so appreciated that the superheroes offered to erase his criminal past. Black Adam could not give a lesser damn. He just flew away.

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