Goku’s Ultra Instinct avatar is his final form in Dragon Ball Super. The mysterious ability has many secrets yet to be deciphered and made public.

Comes in Stages

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Ultra Instinct has two distinct forms, both equally difficult to master. The first that was mastered by Goku initially was Ultra Instinct Sign. It gave Goku the ability to match his opponent’s strength.

Ultra Instinct Complete or Ultimate Instinct is a lot more difficult to master but easier to maintain. Both have their flaws and merits.

Meant For Defense, Not Offense

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The Ultra Instinct ability works on the principle of evading and dodging any attack thrown at the user’s direction.

Initially, the ability could be used when the user reaches the point of absolute fatigue.

A little later, Goku unlocked Ultra Instinct Sign, which had more offensive uses. Ultra Instinct was finally able to give Goku the power of using both offense and defense in combat simultaneously.

Goku is the Only Mortal Who Mastered It

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During the Tournament of Power, Goku unlocked the power of Ultra Instinct. This was a turning point for Universe 7.

Goku was pivotal in his universe winning the tournament. No other mortal has ever been able to unlock this power.

Not even Jiren, whose power is said to rival that of a God of Destruction, has been able to master it. Goku remains the only mortal all across the Multiverse to unlock this ability and use it in combat.

Proves Zamasu Was Right

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Zamasu waged a war against all mortal kind because he believed that the day was not for when Mortals would gain enough strength to mutiny against Godkind.

He almost succeeded in his endeavor before Goku and the Z Fighters stopped him.

Goku is the first mortal ever to achieve the power of Ultra Instinct. The Gods never thought a mortal would be able to master a technique reserved exclusively for the Gods.

Zamasu was right about mortals. Their strength increases with each passing day.

Originally Meant To Be Blue

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The Ultra Instinct’s trademark feature is Goku’s silver-white hair color. Whenever Goku pierces that barrier and achieves a new feat of strength, his appearance changes.

But with Ultra Instinct, Goku’s appearance was supposed to be of a different variety. Akira Toriyama had planned for the transformation to be blue.

The story later developed and the creative team opted for white due to character development conflicts.

It’s Not a Transformation

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The Ultra Instinct Ability does look pretty much like a transformation.

Goku‘s hair color changes and the color of his aura does look different. But to call it a transformation would be dead wrong.

The Ultra Instinct ability is more similar to Kaio-Ken than the Super Saiyan form. It is a state of being. When triggered, the ability clears Goku’s mind and he can focus on the battle at hand with a hundred percent capacity.

This technique gives the user Godly Aura and the ability to think and act at speeds not even possible for the greatest of warriors.

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