Drama is the hidden ingredient in all superhero stories. The action is pretty good but other than that, people come to see how it all unfolds. Comic book writers have woven this drama for years into pretty much every superhero story to ever exist.

All of this makes a comic book story great and this is exactly where writers can show some creativity. Or maybe just something plain crazy. Today we will tell you about those 7 comic book characters whom fans forget are related.

7. Scorpio and Nick Fury (Siblings)
Nick Fury’s younger brother Jake was driven by failure, jealousy and retcons. He joined the military in WWII, only to wound up feeling resentful as couldn’t equal Fury’s heroism.

He later became the villain Scorpio, who even wielded the cosmic to destroy his brother. He ultimately took himself out in despair.

6. Colossus and Magik (Siblings)
Magik is Colossus’ younger sister. She’s a powerful sorceress who is well trained in hand to hand combat and other skills. While she was once corrupted, she was rescued and continued as a superhero.

On the other hand, Colossus is a metallic mutant who is also a member of the X-Men.

5. Cable and Cyclops (Father and Son)
Cable is actually the son of Cyclops. Obviously, there’s a lot of difference between their ages which can be explained with the whole time travel thing but Cable is Cyclops’ son from a ruined future.

He even meets the current day version of his father and even went back in time to stop his future.

4. Gamora, Thanos and Black Order (Father and Children)
This one is obvious, as it was an important aspect of this year’s Infinity War. We knew that Gamora is Thanos’ daughter but what we did not know is that Thanos’ army at command was also his adopted children.

The Black Order had remnants of races that was saved by Thanos.

3. Jakarra and Black Panther – Brothers
There’s a lot about T’Challa that fans don’t know. One fact is that T’Challa had a brother in the comics. His name is Jakarra, and he’s the General of the Wakandan army.

Jakarra was jealous of T’Challa for the throne and even once plotted a plan to get hold of it. He even underwent several experiments with science to turn himself into a villain.

2. Spider-Man & Teresa Parker (Siblings)
Spider-Man had two brothers who were clones. But he even had a sister. Years ago, he learnt that his parents were actually SHIELD agents who lost their lives while serving.

Teresa Parker was a secret agent too. She worked on many cases before eventually meeting her brother and getting to learn that he’s Spider-Man.

1. Flash and Cobalt Blue (Brothers)
Barry Allen didn’t know anything about his brother until he himself became a superhero. He is his twin, and his name is Malcolm. Barry grew up believing that Malcolm died as an infant.

Malcolm got raised by a family of con artist that gave him a superpower, which was a blue flame that could cover his body and create flaming objects.

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