Since we were kids, we have had this perspective that supervillains are always defeated by superheroes. Anyone related to supervillains might be evil and have bad intentions towards people at large. But that’s now how things usually work. While yes, many kids of these supervillains do follow in their parents’ footsteps, not everyone does that.

Apple can fall far from the tree! Few kids learn from the mistakes of their parents and decide to walk down the righteous path and maybe even fight their parents if that day ever has to come. Here are our favorite superheroes who have supervillains as their parents! How many do you know about?

1. Raven

Supervillains kids

We all know Raven as a member of Teen Titans. Don’t we all love her sassy attitude! Her real name is Rachel Roth and her father aka Trigon is actually an enemy of Justice League as well as the Teen Titans.

It is no secret about how powerful Raven is and she strongly opposes her dad. She went to the Teen Titans for help to stop her father after she was rejected help from Justice League. That’s how she ended up becoming a member of Teen Titans.

2. Daisy Johnson

Supervillains kids
Daisy Johnson

You might know her as Quake. She is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent but her father is Mister Hyde who is a villain. She can cause earthquakes and even becomes the director when Nick Fury retired. So that gives us an idea of how powerful she is.  Mister Hyde is primarily is an enemy of Thor and has superhuman stamina. His power stands out since he doesn’t tired after doing any kind of physical activity compared to an ordinary human.

3. Valeria Von Doom

Supervillains kids
Valeria Doom

Okay, this gets a bit weird to follow. She was initially introduced as the daughter of Doctor Doom and Sue Storm. Doom is an enemy of Fantastic 4 so fans got pretty shocked to know how Sue ended up with him.

But it was later revealed that Valeria’s parents were Reed and Sue. Doctor Doom raised her as her own.

4. Rose Wilson

Supervillains kids
Rose Wilson

She had quite a journey before she became a hero. She started off as a Teen Titan, then became a mercenary, and finally a hero. Her father is Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson and both of them share a complicated relationship. She despises her father for all the danger he puts everyone too. Deathstroke too kept his distance from her thinking he would cause danger to his child. But this got her fascinated by the world of heroes!

5. Orion

Supervillains kids

Darkseid one of the most sinister supervillains is the father to Orion who is a New God. Orion was exchanged at birth with Scot (Highfaher’s child). It was done to keep things at peace between Apokolips and New Genesis. We have seen Orion fight against his dad multiple times.

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