Over all these years Marvel Multiverse has introduced some thrilling new versions of many heroes and villains and in the latest thrust into the alternate reality is also no exception.
In the first issue of Dark Ages, it centers a classic mutant to an unpleasant transformation as Beast, a founding member of the X- Men and respected member of the Avengers is mutated into one of the most terrifying form he has ever taken.

Initially when the unmaker awoke from his imprisonment at the center of the Earth, a strike team that included Dr. Strange went to stop him from destroying the planet.
The heroes were successful but the cost of the victory resulted in to the permanent expulsion of all light and electricity from Earth.
These actions of the heroes also created an unsteady power vacuum that the mutant Apocalypse appears to have stepped up to fill. But the powerful mutant is not alone in his venture and he has chosen a few surprising and yet powerful allies including Hank McCoy aka the Beast.

He is not only the founding X- Man who is standing standing alongside one of his oldest enemies but it also appears that Hank has undergone a  petrifying mutation.

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Beast has always had an odd figure and even as far back as his first appearance in 1963’s X- Men #1. It would be some time before he evolved from his original ape- like human form to the blue furry Beast which is his most iconic look but they didn’t stop there.

2001’s New X- Men #114 introduced a Beast who was more feline comparative to his ape- like transformation as a result of a run- in with the mutant Sage.
This brought along a huge psychological toll as Beast thought he was devolving into something less than human.

Still none of the forms have been as dangerous looking as the one seen in Dark Ages, which has given Beast a much more wild look. He seems to have hunched like a werewolf and has a more feline face than before and this version of his is more intimidating than the Dark Beast version of himself from the Age of Apocalypse timeline and is likely more dangerous as well.

powers of x 2 beast cover feature.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=460&dpr=1

The extreme environment of Dark Age could strongly have something to do with Beast’s latest transformation.
And of course this doesn’t say anything about his mental state. But this Beast surely appears to be a real monster in every sense which won’t go well with the other heroes.

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