A fan theory about Bella Swan from the Twilight saga echoes that she has been hiding a dangerous and powerful secret of her own.


Bella Has Some Supernatural Powers

The Twilight Saga was perhaps the most loved supernatural and romantic franchise of the 2000s. It highlighted the story of a regular girl who apparently falls in love with a brooding and handsome vampire in town. Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, was an average small-town girl who managed to attract the most eligible vampire bachelor of the town.

Credits: Summit Entertainment
Credits: Summit Entertainment

Despite being magnetically attractive and unnaturally handsome, Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, didn’t have had any plans to settle down until he came across Bella. The reason behind this was Bella’s blood as it smelled extremely sweet to resist for Edward. But a fan believes that Bella has some abilities and supernatural powers that she used to get Edward’s attention.

Bella Is A Succubus

A fan’s theory behind why Bella was so attractive is a succubus. It is a creature that takes the form of a girl or woman and entices men via sexual attraction. These types of mythical demons seduce men to sleep with them and feed their victims off once they get weakened enough. This means that Bella was using her powers to attract Edward and weaken him with every physical encounter.

Credits: Summit Entertainment
Credits: Summit Entertainment

Bella’s general and regular appearance with an exciting presence is the reason that supports the theory that she has some superpower abilities within herself. Her arrival in Forks attracted many boys her age, including her classmates, Edward, and Jacob Black as well. Additionally, Bella met quite a few vampires and that is when her delicious blood got remarked and highlighted.

While the theory about Bella is flawed, it explains the reason why so many people in Twilight feel attracted towards her. People were drawn to Bella even when her character got described as unremarkable and simple. However, while the theory sounds intriguing, it becomes hard to believe that she was a powerful living being.

Source: Reddit and Screen Rant

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