Recently, news about the Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 surfaced, disclosing that the long-awaited game is still in the initial stages of development.

Which means, it is not releasing anytime soon. This news has angered the fans because this indirectly implies that the game will be released just on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This indicates the exclusion of PS4 and Xbox One from the game-compatible consoles! The publisher Rockstar Games has not confirmed the news, but the insight comes from a very trusted source inside the industry.

The fans take Twitter by storm!

grand theft auto san andreas 4993
GTA 5 released seven years ago!

The Grand Theft Auto fans have taken it as a piece of official information.

But most are confused about the delay as GTA 5 released nearly seven years ago!

But in defense of Rockstar Games – it released Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, and GTA Online keeping the gamers busy in those seven years.

GTA Online was so popular that it pushed GTA 5 to become the all-time second best-selling game. All these launches are still fetching in a lot of profit for the company.

Hence, Rockstar Games have little incentive to rush the release of GTA 6

But for the Grand Theft Auto fans, this news came as a surprise, and not a happy one. In fact, a lot of heartbroken and exasperated GTA fans are venting on social media.

People have especially taken Twitter by the storm. So many of them are angrily tweeting about the news that now #GTA6 is trending online worldwide! Take a look at a few tweets –


Source: ComicBook, GamesRadar

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