Samuel L Jackson revealed in a recent interview who his favorite member of the Avengers

Samuel L. Jackson Reveal His Favorite Avenger

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Ahead of the much-anticipated arrival of Avengers: Endgame in theaters on April 26, the actor who plays the fan-favorite super-spy Nick Fury has revealed during a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter which member of the team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes happens to be his favorite.

Naturally, Samuel L. Jackson quips initially that his loyalty rolls in favor of Nick Fury since — well, it’s obvious why, on the other hand, he coughs up his real answer, and it seems that his favorite is Natasha Romanoff

Jackson’s favorite is Natasha Romanoff

Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff returns in first Black Widow ...
Jackson’s favorite

A stimulating choice, certainly, for many reasons including the very fact that she’s one among the few to survive Thanos’ genocidal finger snap.Jackson revealed that preference as a part of a fun interview that included many other tidbits that movie fans will find interesting. Starting from his favorite movie snack (a large box of buttered popcorn with a white cherry slushie)  his favorite line from Pulp Fiction (Do they speak English )

He ribs spider-man actor Tom Holland

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He reveals a touch of his age, being 70 when he ribs spider-man actor Tom Holland for being “a little more energetic and he’s quite everywhere the place. But I like him. Great kid,” adding to ruminating on the likelihood of playing Nick fury even once he passes 80.

And then we get to his Black Widow comment. It’s interesting, because she’s already featured prominently in the first Endgame trailer, and, if whatever comes to fruition will be a current story or a prequel of the character.

Nevertheless, Jackson’s nod to the character will surely excite the many fans who’ve been waiting for a while for her to finally get a starring role in her solo outing,

After having served as a side character in flicks like Captain America: Winter SoldierCivil War and Iron Man 2.

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