Robert Downey Jr revisited his cold war with fellow Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo while giving an interview with Christopher Nolan as the duo appeared to promote their latest film, Oppenheimer. Downey Jr. and Ruffalo share some unsettled scores when the latter refused to get himself inked with the Avengers logo while every other group member did it.

Since Ruffalo did not agree to the idea despite immense convincing, Downey Jr. lost his patience and cussed Ruffalo.

Robert Downey Jr.
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Robert Downey Jr Shows No Mercy On Co-Star Mark Ruffalo

It seems that the former Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr. still has some beef with his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo. Though the reason dates back to past, the grudge between the two over the matter still persists. The feud between the two began when Scarlett Johnson gave the idea of all the star cast having a matching Avengers tattoos for posterity.

Five of the original six Avengers got the tattoo, but it was Mark Ruffalo who opted out and did not agree with the idea. He remains the only member of the original Avengers team without an identical tattoo. However, Downey was even more dissed when Ruffalo said,  I’m not getting that tattoo — I don’t want to be part of your Hollywood inside game, to which I applauded.”

Robert Downey Jr.
The original ‘Avengers stars got matching tattoos to celebrate the movie’s release.

In reply, Downey said, “F**k, Mark” to the camera. Downey Jr. still remembers the snub by Ruffalo and during The WIRED’s Autocomplete interview, the Oppenheimer star shared with Christopher Nolan that he had tried his best to convince Ruffalo but to no avail.

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Robert Downey Jr. Declares Oppenheimer As the Best Film He Has Ever Been In

It may come as a shocker for the Marvel fans, because Robert Downey Jr. has made some latest revelations about his acting journey. At the London premiere of the Christopher Nolan-directed historical drama, the Iron Man star shared that Oppenheimer is the best film he has acted in.

A video of the same was uploaded by Deadline on Twitter. In the latest hit release, Downey will be playing the role of Lewis Strauss, a self-made man who helped shape America’s relationship with atomic bombs. A complex man with an equally interesting story, Strauss is best remembered as being Oppenheimer’s number-one hater.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. & Matt Damon Join Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’

Talking about his experience of being a part of one of the most highly-awaited film of the year the 58-year-old star said, “Just going to flat out say it: This is the best film I’ve ever been in,” he said in the video, a declaration that was met with cheers from the premiere audience at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square. “I cannot wait for you all to experience it.” Oppenheimer has already been released in the theatres and the film is already setting new records.

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Source: WIRED

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