Netflix is finally ready to roll out brand new episodes of the fan- favorite series, Lucifer. It’s been almost a year since we last saw Lucifer, that’s because the show has been saved from the depths of TV hell! The upcoming season 4 of Lucifer is the first on Netflix. It is all set to make its return on Wednesday, May 8. With just a few weeks to go until that premiere date arrives, the streaming service has now revealed the first full trailer for Lucifer Season 4, and it’s as steamy as ever.

Lucifer Season 4 Trailer

Today Netflix shared the trailer of Lucifer Season 4 online for all to enjoy. We finally get a peek at Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar in action. You can watch the trailer below!

(Source: YouTube)

For the first three seasons, Lucifer was aired on FOX. This will be the first time it won’t be aired on FOX. Since the network decided to cancel the show, Netflix decided to step in and renew it for the fourth season. The forthcoming instalment will consist of 10 episodes. It is shorter than the previous seasons that aired on television. But on the other hand, it will allow the story to be more concise. Tom Ellis feels that the shorter season allows the story to be richer and less drawn-out.

Ellis said in an interview earlier this year:

“Having it in this [10-episode] format means that our story is distilled down to being much richer. What’s at stake in each episode is much higher. It just feels denser… telling the story in the best possible way.”

Are you looking forward to the return of Lucifer? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: YouTube and ComicBook)

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