Check out the new look of Hawkeye’s comic accurate suit revealed recently. Throughout the years, Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, has entertained us with his witty humor and impeccable action. He was instantly a fan favorite and people wanted more of him. Now that Marvel is expanding and giving a chance to their side characters, Hawkeye is on the list too. Speaking of this, the new Disney+ series Hawkeye is coming to baffle our minds very soon. In the latest news, check out the new look at his comic accurate suit.

New Look At Hawkeye’s Comic Accurate Suit

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In a recent update, fans got to see a more comic accurate suit for Hawkeye which came in form of promotional artwork. Ever since Marvel content stepped into the world of series, we have seen some real accurate outfits. However, it all started with WandaVision which gave us the true taste of a comic-accurate costume. Now that Hawkeye is just around the corner, the promotion is not shying away from showing Clint’s true outfit. Check out the outfit below:

As we can see, Hawkeye will be donning his classic thick black and purple outfit. He is paired with his fellow archer Kate Bishop, which is played by Hailee Steinfield. Moreover, Clint is wearing a suit that has been previously revealed. Moreover, it follows David Aja’s Hawkeye design. This defines the characters restructured journey, all because of the upcoming Disney+ series written by Matt Fraction.

Hawkeye: New Look At Clint's Comic Accurate Suit Revealed
Hawkeye: New Look At Clint’s Comic Accurate Suit Revealed

Marvel released the very first look at Hawkeye back in September. However, the success of the series depends on the chemistry between the leads. In an interview, Steinfield told Entertainment Weekly that the entire process of this series made her feel at home and that Renner is a very supporting figure. Are you excited about the upcoming Disney+ series?

Check it out:


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