The Weapon X program has been a massive influence in the Marvel Universe. It was a secret project that deliberately induced superpowers for military purposes. Weapon X was the tenth instalment of the program called Weapon X. The original Weapon X started in 1960’s by members of Team X. It continued after 1968 for the ‘betterment’ of the world.

The 70’s saw Department K coming around to find a way to duplicate Logan’s healing factor. Wade Wilson was another of their experiments who later became Deadpool. Today we will discuss five biggest successes of Weapon X Program. (And two of its biggest failures)

Success: Wolverine
James Howlett was placed on a Black Ops Squad by the CIA. He became the first to be implanted with adamantium and he is known as the toughest mutant ever since.

He is also the most successful Weapon X subject, despite working against the group that made him.

Success: Sabretooth
Victor Creed is a well known Weapon X test subject. He is really strong and is a Wolverine archnemesis, who often tricked him into doing stupid things. He even slammed Wolverine in combat on a few occasions.

Sabretooth was later implanted with adamantium bones via the Weapon X program.

Success: X-23
Laura Kinney aka X-23 was a female clone of Wolverine. She was raised in captivity and was trained as a weapon. She had been subjected to radiation since she was merely seven, in order to accelerate her mutation.

The chemical compound called “trigger scent” causes her to end anything in her way. She has been sent on many missions and is seen as one of most powerful subjects from the Weapon X program.

Success: Deadpool
We all know Wade Wilson, thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ adaptation of the character on the big screen. Wilson had cancer which was healed by the Weapon X program.

Wilson was subjected to many experiments under Ajax, who placed him in a “dead pool” to see how long he lives. He is certainly one of the most accomplished experiments of the Program.

Success: Romulus
Born as a Lupine in prehistoric times, he belonged to a tribe of humans that evolved from canines than apes. He was the ruler of the Roman Empire. He had manipulated people from Logan’s bloodline since ages, and he plans to make Daken (Wolverine’s son) into his next weapon.

The first Weapon X program in the 60’s began under Romulus’ influence. He was the first subject, and also the first to recruit operatives like, Victor, Logan, David North, Silver Fox etc.

Failure: Copycat
Vanessa Carlyse was a shapeshifting mutant who met Wade Wilson and fell in love with him. She became the mercenary Copycat and impersonated Domino to spy on Cable. She then impersonated Titania to gain Deadpool’s trust and later joined the Weapon X programme alongside Kane.

She was initially sent to recruit Deadpool for the programme but instead, she ended up seducing him by taking the form of another woman. She eventually lost her life in Deadpool’s arms.

Failure: S.H.I.V.A.
S.H.I.V.A. was Weapon X’s fail-safe against discovery. This was activated to eliminate the subjects of the Program to ensure the anonymity of Weapon X. Wolverine once activated the program accidentally and the robot made several to take the lives of the subjects.

However, it was reactivated when Logan began researching his origin further. This time Wolverine sliced the robot into the half with a single blow.

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