DC Comics is going back in time with ‘Flash: Year One’, a story from Howard Peter and Joshua Williamson.

The story was announced at DC’s World’s Finest Panel at the recently held New York Comic Con. Williamson announced the series, revealing that it will follow the model set by Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.

“In the Flash title in spring of 2019…Flash Year One! With Howard Porter!!” Williamson announced on Twitter, revealing the teaser artwork below and later adding, “Next year, Flash Year One will be taking place in the regular Flash series, just like Batman Year One was in the Batman series. So excited to be working with Howard Porter on this story!”

“We’re going to be doing Barry’s first year as the Flash, but with a little bit of a twist,” Williamson told fans when the story was announced at NYCC. “Barry’s sense of hope, inspiration, and optimism is such an important thing and I really wanted to tell a story of how he got there, after the tragedy of losing his mother at a young age.”

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Year One has seen the origin stories of many DC heroes and teams like Teen Titans, Black Lightning, Robin, Batgirl, Green Arrow, although most of them have typically been just standalone miniseries.

This will be the first time that DC is going to dive deep into the early days of Barry Allen, although Wally West already had a “Year One” story as Flash in 1992’s “Born to Run” storyline by Greg LaRocque and Mark Waid.

Superman will also be getting his “Year One” storyline from John Romita Jr and Frank Miller, though that will come under the infamous DC Black Label. The Flash has been written by Williamson since the beginning of DC Rebirth and was later joined several other artists in narrating stories of the speedster.

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