Jlo and A-Rod
Jlo and A-Rod

Jlo, yes, the name gets you going. Yes, our Jenny from the Block just got hitched to her love interest, A-Rod and we couldn’t keep calm about it. Jennifer Lopez might have broken a lot of hearts when she announced her engagement. But to make sure that things are going on the right pace, media inquired about this couple. And this is what we found out.

Jose Canseco Takes A Swing At Alex Rodriguez

The former steroid snitched, MLB star, Jose Canseco took a swing at Jlo’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez and told the media that he was cheating on her. This New York Yankees third baseman announced his engagement with Lopez and we all are rooting for this couple. You might know Jlo has a fall-out with the men she dates, so we were genuinely happy for her. But since as always, the devil had a plan, and now false accusations are making it to the news.

 jessica canseco with jose canseco
Jessica Canseco and Jose Canseco

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Canseco even tweeted about this. He said that little did Jennfier Lopez knew that she would be husband was cheating on her with his ex-wife. You might see this couple since Jessica Canseco married the Jose Canseco around 1996. Even though their marriage did not even last a long time, he said that whatever they had was special.

In the recent updates on his twitter handle, he have accused Rodriguez more and more and have said that he can even use a polygraph test to prove what he is saying. (Tweet) We might be going crazy in this duel since Canseco told A-rod that they could take up an MMA fight and see whoever wins the brawl. Now that’s something stupid.

He weighed much on his statement, and this is what drives the fans crazy. Some are even saying, could this be the end of their relationship? (As in Jlo and A-Rod) On Saturday, Rodriguez announced his wedding with our Jenny and shared on Instagram their engagement ring.

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And meanwhile, all these drama’s Jlo and Rodriguez are seeming to enjoy their enjoyment and taking things up to the next level. Honestly, we are all happy for Jlo, but if the new start as valid then you might know the ordeal.


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