Every superhero or villain has a weakness that often places them in danger. There cannot be a hero without a weakness and vice versa. Superman too has a weakness for Kryptonite. However, it seems dumb to be so enormously powered and then have a weakness that anyone can take an easy advantage of.

This holds true for both Marvel and DC Comics, as there are heroes and villains who have absurd weaknesses that make fans roll their eyes. So today we will discuss some dumb weaknesses of both Marvel and DC characters.

Aquaman: Lack Of Water
This weakness is shared by Aquaman and Namor. While both can be out of water for long, they lose strength and weaken with time.

Unlike Namor, Aquaman was born on land to an Atlantean and a human. He was raised on Earth and while it does make sense for him to gain power while being underwater, the fact that he weakens when he is out doesn’t make any sense.

Flash: Running Too Fast
The Speed Force is Flash’s superpower, as when he taps into it, nothing on Earth can really hurt him. But running too fast is also one of his main weaknesses.

When Anti-Monitor was about to destroy the entire DC universe, Flash ran so fast that it ended his life and changed time. This sounds strange for a man who is the “fastest man alive.”

Superman: Magic
Many fans don’t understand why Superman is allergic to Kryptonite as it’s a part of his own planet. However, Kryptonite is radiated and the radiations caused by Earth causes major problems to humans, so it does make sense for it to prove harmful to Superman.

But Superman is also vulnerable to magic. Superman’s powers come from a bio-matrix force field but that’s also his weakness as magic disrupts the force field. This honestly doesn’t make sense for someone as overpowered as Superman.

Wonder Woman: Men
Wonder Woman is one of the strongest female characters in the comic book world, both mentally and physically. However, when she first debuted in the ’40’s, she was less heroic and more of a typical America woman of that time.

She was a dumb character back then and she served as a secretary for the Justice League. Her weakness during her early days was that if someone binds her wrists, she would end up losing all her powers. This weakness remained till the 80’s.

Iron Man: Needed Charging
Tony Stark developed an arc reactor in his chest to keep the shrapnel from an explosion away from his heart.

But this caused a problem. This meant if the reactor lost its charge, Stark would end up perishing. All a villain had to do was to create something powerful enough to knock the reactor out. This problem got solved in the later comics and live-screen adaptation.

Spider-Man: Ethyl Chloride
Spider-Man might be popular but that doesn’t mean that his weakens isn’t dumb. The web-slinger has a weakness towards Ethyl Chloride.

Ethyl Chloride is used to prevent pain caused by injections and minor surgeries. It is also used in pesticides. Since Spider-Man gets his powers from a spider, he also developed a weakness of spiders.

Thor: His Hammer
Thor debuted in the Marvel Universe in 1984 and at the time of its inception, he had a really dumb weakness. In his early days, if Thor was kept away from Mjolnir for about 60 seconds, he would revert back to Dr Donald Blake.

This made the God of Thunder absolutely vulnerable, as all a villain had to do was keep him distracted for a minute and then take him out when in human form.

Daredevil: Loud Noises
Daredevil has enhanced senses and he can even hear a heartbeat across the room. He learnt that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were the same, just by smelling them and knowing their identity.

However, the fact that his senses are so enhanced causes him a lot of pain if they are too loud. It took Matt Murdock a lot of practice and hard work to handle his hearing abilities. Loud Noises are Daredevil’s weakness and can almost cripple him during a fight.

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