The X-Men are important in the Marvel Universe. The real core of the X-Men is in their very DNA, known as X-gene. Each mutant has a distinct ability that informs who they are and how they contribute to the society and team in general.

The most popular X-Men usually have the most famous power set in the world of mutants. Wolverine has an incredible healing factor while Professor X can control minds. But there many mutant powers that are way stronger than they actually sound. (And 10 that are weaker)

Stronger: Skin’s Excess Skin

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Skin has an extra six feet of baggy skin surface and while this gives him a saggy grey skin and a gross complexion there is a distinct upside to his power. His skin has a much larger surface area and he has the ability to absorb the energy through his skin using osmosis. Hypothetically.

Weaker: Wolverine’s Animal Senses


This ability isn’t really necessary for Wolverine. He could have been a great detective, but writers gave him an increased sense of smell and hearing, just like wild dogs and wolves.

Super smell sounds horrible and after all these years, this power still sounds really weak and unnecessary.

Stronger: Eye-Boy’s Eyes

eye boy wolverine and the x men by nabarus dah6yh9

Eye Boy has a dozen eyeballs placed around his body. Although it sounds really weird, it turns out that every eyeball gifts him a different ability, from detecting magical wavelengths to telescopic vision.

He can see minute body signals and interpret it with sheer accuracy. He can even discern the hopes of a person from a simple glance.

Weaker: Tempus’s Time Bubbles

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Tempus is a lesser-known X-Nan but also a really powerful mutant. She can generate time bubbles, freezing anyone trapped inside. She can also control the flow of space-time and can even rewrite reality on the fly.

She’s aged several years and she has used her powers at times to go into the future but is always doomed to the present no matter what she does in a future timeline.

Stronger: Tag’s Pariah Effect

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Tag is a random X-Man with very random powers. He can tap a person or object, he can cause people to avoid the target. It’s called the “Pariah Effect”, using which he can control mob mentality itself.

Just by shaking ones’ hands, he can decide entire elections and make everyone avoid them like a plague.

Weaker: Dust’s Time Form

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Dust is a representation of Muslim characters in the Marvel comics and is capable of transforming herself into a manipulative cloud of sand. This makes her an effective combatant and looks awesome to draw and look at.

But all it takes to defeat her is a stiff breeze. Sure, she can fly in the sandstorm, but she is often at mercy with the elements.

Stronger: Morph’s Transforming Pheromones

Morph Exiles Marvel Comics h374 e1528396501819

He is an interesting character and has an even more interesting set of abilities. He doesn’t just shapeshift, He once secreted a pheromone that could detect a form which will make a person at ease and even transform him into the same figure.

This makes him the perfect spy who can walk and appear trustworthy to almost everyone in any given environment.

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