Known for his work on the television series House of Cards, actor Kevin Spacey, 64, was recently acquitted of nine s*xual offenses committed between 2004 and 2013 against four men in their 20s and 30s. The actor was cleared of all charges, according to the judge, Mr. Justice Mark Wall.

Later, Kevin Spacey thanked the jury and all parties involved in the case outside of court, saying that he was extraordinarily appreciative that they had taken the time to thoroughly consider all of the evidence and the facts before making their judgment. An encouraging update on the actor’s next film was released after the news that he had been exonerated of the charges.

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Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey’s Control has a release date

After being cleared of all charges of s*xual misconduct, Kevin Spacey’s upcoming movie Control has a release date. The movie follows a British home secretary as she drives home one night while being engaged in a secret love affair with the prime minister, a man who is aware of the secret, seeks revenge by plotting to remotely hijack her fully self-driving care and forcing her on a rampage through the streets of London.

The movie is set to premiere on December 15 2023 in the United States and the United Kingdom and is directed by British auteur Gene Fallaize. It should be noted that the actor recorded his part of the movie last December while he was waiting for the trial.

Kevin Spacey
The actor said he lost almost everything during savings

The director spoke to Variety about Kevin and said, “He is naturally quiet and comes across as quite shy. He seemed fine. I mean, I didn’t know Kevin before all of this so I can’t say what he was like in comparison to what he was like before. But you know, he just seemed like a nice guy.”

On asking if he had any reservations about casting him in the movie, Fallaize said “The only people that know everything are the ones that were in that courtroom and they decided he was not guilty. These people that are saying – if they’re saying – that we’re whitewashing him or enabling him to come back, what facts have they got to contradict the jury? I don’t regret casting Kevin and I would do it all over again.”

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Kevin Spacey gets emotional after the verdict

The actor faced s*xual misconduct allegations back in 2017 after more than 30 people came forward alleging that there was inappropriate s*xual misbehavior. Spacey was later fired from his successful and hit Netflix show House of Cards and was edited out of All The Money in the World by Ridley Scott.

Last month, the jury at London’s Southwark Crown Court reached a not guilty verdict on Wednesday afternoon for Spacey, and the judge dec; are that the defendant may be discharged, which also ended one of the most high-profile trials to have emerged from the #MeToo era.

Kevin Spayece
Kevin Spayece

Kevin Spacey reflected on how the world exploded after the allegations were made public, adding “I lost my job, I lost my reputation, I lost everything in a matter of days.” The two-time Academy Award-winning actor mentioned that the legal costs had just been added to his expenses and it crippled him financially.

The actor had said in court that all the encounters were consensual and in his evidence, he gave jurors an insight into his relationship with celebrities named Jack Lemmon, Val Kilmer, Richard Harris, and Joan Collins.

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Kevin Spacey admits the alleged incident ‘makes no sense to him’

The veteran actor had noted that the complaint by an alleged victim did not make sense to him. The victim said that he drugged him and performed a s*xual act on him, while Spacey said that behavior makes no sense to him.

He told the jury: “I remember the end of the evening and that was what struck me in my mind, because we had a consensual and, I believe, a very nice and lovely evening. If he regretted it immediately I don’t know, I can’t speak for him, but something was weird – it was strange.”

Kevin Spacey was declared free to go
Kevin Spacey was declared free to go by the park

The actor pointed out that some of the allegations sound like madness and are pretty much like a stab in the back. Spacey told the jurors that he happens to keep records of everything that happened, which is why he went back to figure out where he was at the time.

He said,  “I have a storage facility in Baltimore and a storage unit in London, and I started to go back and look through boxes and boxes and boxes of where I was, contracts between myself, my publicists and photographers, to look at dates to try to be able to say where I was and what time.”

Control is set to release on December 15th, 2023.

Source: Variety

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