We only have Game of Thrones final episode left now and it’s still not clear who will win in the quest Iron Throne. Obviously, Cersei Lannister has been overthrown by Daenerys taking King’s Landing in a sea full of Dragon fire. However, the whole incident has cost her trust of things and sanity and she’s most likely to die before the finale is dusted. So, if she’s out who will sit on the throne?

Bring the Direwolf Dynasty!

Game Of Thrones: Ghost the Direwolf Is the Best Choice for the Iron Throne
Game Of Thrones: Ghost the Direwolf Is the Best Choice for the Iron Throne

While many fans are betting on Bran, there are some who reason how Jon Snow or Sansa or literally no one would ever wind up on the throne. But let’s be practical: we know Bran would be an awful King while Jon Snow is a horrible tactical. For fans who say Gendry, come on, just stop right there.

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If the last Game of Thrones has taught us all anything, it’s that no human is enough to rule Westeros and there has been just one character who has proved his worth time and time again: Ghost the Direwolf and he deserves the Iron Throne.

Ghost is a True War Hero

Jon Snow and Ghost
Jon Snow and Ghost The Direwolf

During the Battle of Winterfell, while Jon Snow goofed around the skies, Ghost was on the front line. He led the army and not for a single second, he was scared. He went on tearing everyone with his jaws. He survived with a few surface wounds. Since the beginning, Kings have earned the throne through bravery on the battle field and that’s what the Ghost has done.

And well, he isn’t just a noble fighter, but he also has a big heart.

Ghost has always been loyal and caring, licking away Sam’s tears during the early days and staying alongside the dead body of Jon Snow until he was brought back by Melisandre.

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Ghost has been the mastermind behind several Jon Snow plans

Moreover, he just isn’t a member of the Stark family but also the living embodiment of Stark sigil. He’s a near mystic beast in the north and all houses standing post the war will certainly bend their knees to the Ghost. He was the one who warned Snow about the wight in the commander office of the Lord and not forgetting his valuable contribution in finding the hidden cache of the Dragonless weapon. He has been the brain behind several operations of Jon Snow.

All these factors make him the best contender for the Iron Throne and after all, all humans have had their shot at it, it’s now time to bring on the Direwolf Dynasty.

Source: Vice, Vanity Fair

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