The prices of PlayStation 4 Pro may drop down significantly for the coming holiday season, and this seems like great news for all gamers who had to hold out on a gaming console. Here’s the tweet by PlayStation Japan, announcing the price-drop:

Starting on October 12, the PS4 Pro will be going from 44,980 yen to 39,980 yen in Japan. In US dollars, this will roughly amount to $349 to $399. In case the price drop doesn’t happen around the same time as Japan, we may get to see this deal come up for Black Friday, and probably in time for the holiday season.

On the contrary, console sales in West are much more than Japan and this could be a strategy used just for Japan and the Western PlayStation may not get a price drop. It’s tough to believe that Sony would officially market a price drop in one region and deny the same in another region, but again, you never know.

However, the timing seems right. The PS4 Pro was launched by Sony at the end of 2016, while the original PlayStation launched at the end of 2013.

Many fans and analysts even speculate that we might get to see PlayStation 5 reveal in the coming twelve months, so giving a bigger push to allow people to buy PS4s and PS4 Pros using a price-drop totally makes sense. Sony is also including few exclusives launched by them this year.

Now the question that remains is, What about PS 5? Are we going to see it sometime in 2019? Most analysts feel that 2019 might be way too soon but also believe that we may get to see a reveal by next fall.

AMD also revealed that it’s working on some serious tech, helping Sony and Microsoft to come up with a “secret sauce” that will make the next-gen consoles so amazing.

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