The industry faced a traumatic loss with actor Johnny Wactor passing away last week. He played Brando Corbin in the soap opera General Hospital between 2020 and 2022. The 37-year-old actor was in great shape and suffered no illnesses.

After a detailed autopsy report, the cause of his death has finally been revealed. The same has sent shockwaves across the industry since people are realizing that no one can escape the calling of the Grim Reaper, no matter who they are.

Johnny Wactor died by Gunshot Wound

General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor
General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor | ABC

The soap opera actor Johnny Wactor was shot in the chest by three armed robbers, as informed by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner, according to The autopsy report revealed a fatal wound to the chest and the actor was pronounced deceased as soon as medical help arrived on the scene.

The police claimed that Wactor was going back home after his shift as a bartender. The three armed men showed up to reportedly steal his catalytic converter. The examiner also revealed that there were no other injuries on the actor’s body. A homicide case has been filed with the LAPD and the officials are looking for the suspects who are still at large.

Johnny Wactor in General Hospital
Johnny Wactor in General Hospital | ABC

The talent agent who worked with Wactor, David Shaul, released a statement to inform people about the actor’s death. According to Variety, it read,

Johnny Wactor was a spectacular human being. Not just a talented actor who was committed to his craft but a real moral example to everyone who knew him. Standing for hard work, tenacity and a never give up attitude. In the highs and lows of a challenging profession he always kept his chin up and kept striving for the best he could be.

Our time with Johnny was a privilege we would wish on everyone. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. After over a decade together, he will leave a hole in our hearts forever.

The saddening incident happened in Downtown Los Angeles at around 3 am. Since the news broke, people who worked with him and knew him have poured in with their condolences and their blessings to his family.

Other Prominent Works Featuring Johnny Wactor

Actor Johnny Wactor
Actor Johnny Wactor in General Hospital | ABC

After a number of guest star roles in shows like Army Wives and Westworld, Wactor finally got his big breakthrough role in General Hospital. Initially, the actor also took on various roles in short films while writing and starring in Broken Riders in 2022. His foray into feature films began with USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage which was released in 2016.

Wactor is survived by his mother and two brothers. His loss is mourned by people across the industry. We lost an incredible talent while understanding how the rate of crime is impacting people, no matter what status or occupation they belong to. Johnny Wactor lost his life due to a theft attempt that went wrong.

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