Chris Brown who has been involved in a string of controversies garnered attention once again on the American’s biggest music night, The Grammy Awards. The musician has been nominated in the best Best R&B Album category which was bagged by Robert Glasper. After losing another opportunity to bag a Grammy, the former went into an offensive mode.

Chris Brown
American singer, Chris Brown

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After directing his rants toward the winner, fans started bashing him for his bad demeanor. They even pointed out his past mistakes. Due to those rants, he decided to apologize to the latter.

Chris Brown Called Out for Throwing Tantrums at Grammys 2023

Chris Brown
Chris Brown [Pic Credit: Los Angeles Times]
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The 33-year-old musician, Chris Brown was nominated for the best Best R&B Album category and he was quite sure he would win however things turned out otherwise. Robert Glasper, who is a talented pianist bagged the Grammys for his album, Black Radio III at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Losing the Grammy was quite a hit for the former as he started throwing tantrums about the same.

He shared a series of Instagram stories taking a jab at the latter by asking his followers, “WHO THE F–K IS THIS?” Soon after the threads, social media users started calling him out for disrespecting Glasper and showing inappropriate behavior toward him. Many users took to Twitter and shared their opinions on the same.

Check out the tweet here.

Many even went out to remind him of being an accuser who showed volatile behavior from time to time, with Rihanna being one of the victims of his violence. After being called out by people on social media, the actor finally decided to put an end to his rants and issued a public apology for the same.

Chris Brown Apologized to Robert Glasper for His Insensitive Remarks

Chris Brown apologized to Robert Clasper
Chris Brown apologized to Robert Glasper

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The actor posted a screenshot of a personal message he sent to the five-time Grammy winner for behaving inappropriately after losing at the Grammys. The actor kickoff his message with heartfelt congratulations and stated,

“I would like to apologize if you took offense to my reaction at the Grammys.”

He further continued stating that the record producer was not the “intended target” after acknowledging the fact that his comments towards him were “rude and mean.”

He shifted his anger toward the Grammys for putting both of them in the same category as he stated,

“THE ORGANIZATION ISNT DOING US BLACKS OUR DUE DILIGENCE. YOU AND I SHOULD never be in the same categor[y].. two totally different vibes and genres.”

He put an end to his message by congratulating him once again and giving his warm blessings. Even though he has finally decided to put an end to his drama, the message was not yet read by the pianist. He has often received backlash for his offensive behavior and is linked with several accusations and crimes.

Source: ChrisBrown’s Instagram

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