When it comes to love-making scenes in movies, people expect elegance and seductiveness. But the process of shooting such scenes may be quite different from the romantic idea, as actors Glen Powell and Adria Arjona found out when they shot their romantic comedy Hit Man.

Glenn Powell in Hit Man
Glenn Powell in Hit Man | Credits: Netflix

The movie is based on the true story of a police officer from Houston named Gary Johnson, portrayed by Powell, who acted as a contract killer to arrest potential criminals. Arjona’s character, Madison, is his client, who wants her husband murdered. In the movie, they engage in an affair in which Madison falls in love with Gary’s hitman persona, Ron.

Glenn Powell Reveals Hit Man‘s Tough Intimate Scenes

Glen Powell and Adria Arjona in Hit Man
Glen Powell and Adria Arjona in Hit Man | Credits: Netflix

The film is co-written by Glen Powell and director Richard Linklater. It explores themes of identity and self-discovery through s*xual chemistry and role-playing. However, the intimate scenes that enhance this story’s realism were not so pleasant for the actors involved.

Powell’s chemistry with Arjona on the screen has contributed to the movie’s success. However, behind-the-scenes issues the two had faced during filming made their performances much more genuine. From overcoming rashes to working in risky circumstances, the duo’s dedication was visible.

In a recent interview with MTV, Powell talked about the not-so-pleasant details about the bathtub scene in the movie. He revealed that a member of their crew poured Dawn dish soap into the water, not knowing its repercussions.

Dawn soap takes pretty much all the oil off your skin, moisture off of your skin. So we’re kind of like out of the bath. And the scene went great, awesome. And then we’re like, I kind of feel a little itchy, and my skin just basically came off in sheets. We just packed all the s*x scenes in one day. Our skin’s basically coming off, mid s*x, very, very raw s*x scene, unintentionally raw.

In an interview with Variety, Arjona talked about one of the intimate scenes where she washes Powell’s character with wine, and the two share a kiss. The scene was created out of a number of ideas that Arjona and Powell came up with based on the images they found on Pinterest, and after the scene, they had to face the consequences. She said,

We were like, ‘How can we bring that to life? We’re b*tt naked pouring wine all over each other. Then we finish, like ‘Goodnight Glen,’ ‘Goodnight Adria,’ and we’re sticky and covered in this wine.

This resulted in both Powell and Arjona facing severe hazardous situations, although they managed to deliver their roles properly. The notion that viewers think intimate scenes are sensuous and well-decorated gets completely overthrown by such incidents. It shows what actors go through in order to deliver a visually appealing scene, which is often not so pleasurable behind the screen.

Will There Be a Sequel to Hit Man?

Hit Man
Hit Man | via Netflix YouTube

Despite the on-screen intimate scenes in Hit Man that were not easy to shoot, the film was well received, and the chemistry between Powell and Arjona gave the audiences what they wanted. The film has a critic rating of 97% and an audience rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, which makes it one of the highest-rated movies on Netflix. However, director Richard Linklater is not quite sure about making a sequel to this movie.

In an interview with TV Insider, he mentioned that the movie has a good ending and that the concept of a sequel still looks uncertain. He said,

It’s a little too new. No one’s even seen this movie yet, so I don’t know. Yeah, who knows, but nothing jumped out. We felt like we told this story. But, you know, who knows?

However, Linklater remained optimistic and open to a sequel. Moreover, Linklater also expressed his interest in working with Powell again, as the two have partnered in four different productions. But due to several commitments, it might be difficult at the moment to pull that off again.

As Powell continues to rise with his performances in films like Top Gun: Maverick and Hit Man, his confessions and revelations have not only debunked the myth related to the intimate scenes but also revealed the amount of professionalism and great performers who perform them.

Hit Man is now streaming on Netflix.

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