It’s natural for the son of Odin to grow into a really formidable force in the Marvel Universe. Thor being an Asgardians already gave him a good start, which granted him abilities like super strength, speed, slow ageing and endurance. But Thor is seen as a God among God. He has survived attacks from a Celestial and even once bench pressed a serpent so large that it could wipe itself around Earth.

He has a God force inside him, a well of energy that makes him might with or without his hammer, Mjolner. Today we will discuss 7 most OP things done by Thor.

7. Created life on Earth
In Earth-14122, Thor sat on the throne to become a King but with everyone dead, he finds his rule to be a conduct without his old teammates and Asgardians.

After a brutal fight against Galactus, his blood kickstarts the life process in Earth. His granddaughters attempt to revive animals on Earth and Thor creates humanity in the form of a man and woman.

6. Shattered Mjolner while fighting a Celestial
Celestials are easily Marvel’s most powerful beings. One of them named Exitar took the life of The One, who is the overseer of the Watchers. While facing Exitar, Thor managed to crack his armour.

The exertion of Thor’s attack was so brutal, Thor sacrificed his hammer Mjolner in the process. This proves how much force did he use behind the blow.

5. Smashed Red Hulk into two comets
In Red Hulk #26, the outbreak of a dangerous virus forced the Avengers to work alongside Thunderbolt Ross.

Thor wastes no time in laying his hands on the villain and they manage to fight for long until Banner gets warned of an incoming comet impact. This allows Ross and Thor to work together where Thor used Ross as a projectile to take care of both the threats.

4. Punched Bodolf through the Earth
In 2016’s Mighty Thor Vol. 2, we see a Viking named Bodolf who used dragon blood to achieve a physical state similar to Bruce Banner’s Hulk.

He didn’t get along well with Thor and angered the Norse God after Thor took Bodolf’s enemies side instead of his in the battle. While their first confrontation saw Thor defeated, their second confrontation saw Thor punching Bodolf so hard that he got sent to the other side of the world.

3. Created a tornado with his cape
In older comics, if Thor would let go of the hammer for more than 60 seconds, his transformation would get him back to his human Donald Blake form.

In one of the issues, Thor faces Mr. Hyde and in one instance is seen panicking as he lost hold of his hammer during their encounter. To keep his identity a secret, he whipped up a whirlwind using the flap of his cape!

2. Nearly Took Out Thanos
In Infinity War, God of Thunder was on a whole new level of OP-ness. He had his separate entrance into the Battle of Wakanda where he launched an attack on Infinity Gauntlet wearing Thanos.

Thor was actually the closest to end him, had he gone for the hand or head of Thanos.

1. Fought Executioner at Half Power
Thor is often at his most impressive when his power levels are taken away or reduced, something that we have seen both, in comics and movies.

Odin slashed his son’s strength in half before travelling to the 23rd century in the previous issue. After saving the present in the future, a tired Thor is met by Skurge the Executioner and Enchantress. Luckily, he manages to take them both down.

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