Thanks to games like Batman Arkham and Marvel’s Spider-Manthe popularity of superhero-centered games have gone off charts.

More games of this kind like Iron Man VR and Marvel’s Avengers are coming up to keep the legacy moving. Moreover, many top-end developers are lending their skills to bringing superheroes into the interactive medium.

Speaking of which, God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog recently has revealed what superhero game he wants to get his hands on if given a choice. 


Getting into the details, IGN’s Jonathon Dornbus posted a question on Twitter stating “What is your dream superhero game and which developer would you want to make it?” The question has got numerous replies including the one from Cory Barlog.

God of War reboot creator replied to Jonathan with a picture featuring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from Hawkeye comic by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja. 

He initially doesn’t say who he would want to develop the game. But later in the replies, he clarified that he would want it to be Santa Monica Studios.

Interesting Choice

Barlog’s idea for a superhero game is very unusual and exciting as well. But this could be a perfect combo as Fraction and Aja’s run and 2018’s God of War both feature battle-hardened men and the kids learning from them. 


Is it Possible?

Everything seems set, but what is the possibility of getting a Hawkeye game? Will Barlog and Santa Monica Studios ever create one? Probably not, or at least not anytime soon. Both are pretty busy with the God of War currently.

Besides, Hawkeye is certainly not at the top of the having-own-game ladder. In addition, many other Marvel heroes need to get theirs first.

But it doesn’t mean that it is entirely impossible. Also, Marvel and Sony have already shown that they can work together to create games. They shipped Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018 to big sales, and critical recognition and word is that a sequel to PS5 isn’t that far away.

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