Goku, from Dragon Ball, has to be the most-watched and loved Chinese character of all time. And hence, the directors and producers of the show never fail to amaze and bewilder us with twists and turns of the show. Due to the huge fan following of the show, the show created much hype when Goku finally achieved and mastered the Ultra Instinct form.

The Tournament of Power

Goku training with Merus

After losing from Moro during the Tournament of Power, Goku went on to train with Merus in order to understand the Ultra Instinct form better. It is during this training that Goku learns to summon the Ultra Instinct form at will. This new form that Goku attained broke all barriers and flabbergasted everyone. The myth that the original Super Saiyan transformation he went through at Planet Namek was the most he could do was busted.

The New Look

The New Look of Ultra Instinct
Goku’s recent avatar in the Tournament of Power.

During the Tournament, the new look of Goku awed everyone. The suspense and build-up surrounding the events embodied yearning into the viewers. His muscular appearance and the colossal aura proliferated his God-like image. The silver hair just proved to be the icing on the cake. The new-look was so dynamic and zestful that it burgeoned his character to new heights.  The godliness of Goku can now easily be perceived by the new look and the aura surrounding him.

The craze of the new look can easily be seen over various social media platforms. One such example is of @lowcostcosplayth who has posted a pic depicting the silver hair avatar. Though it is a soapy recreation, it is just ridiculously awesome.


What’s more to come?

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The question does pop up how do you exceed the best you have done? Should this Ultra Instinct be considered the best? Or does the Dragon Ball series have more to offer to the Anime world in days to come? Will Goku surpass the already extremely high standards he has set for himself? Will a better version of Ultra Instinct come in the future? Anime lovers and savvies all around the globe have put forth their predictions. What do you think?

Also, if you have somehow missed the new avatar of Goku, watch the video here.


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