Kanye West seems to hint at retirement in a text conversation with Rich The Kid.

Many controversies including a lawsuit on Yeezy has damaged West's reputation.

Fans seem to want West to retire and be gone for good.

As they rightly say, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just a second to destroy it all. The same seems to be happening to popular rapper Kanye West who has been drowning in one controversy after another for a long time.

After the ugly divorce and custody proceedings with Kim Kardashian, West seems to be on a path wrought with tough decisions and tougher actions. Lately, he has even sparked retirement questions as a screenshot of a text has gone viral on social media.

Is Kanye West retiring from music?

Kanye West in a still from I Feel Like That
Kanye West in a still from I Feel Like That

Kanye West has been at the epicenter of various controversies and speculations for varied reasons. From his relationship with Bianca Censori to West’s outrageous claims and views on important aspects, the popular rapper has been receiving a lot of media attention, most of the time for the wrong reasons.

Most recently, Rich The Kid shared a screenshot of his chat with West on Instagram that showed West claiming that he wants to retire. In the message, he wrote,

I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what else to do.

Kanye West
Kanye West in Runaway song

While we don’t know the full context of the claim, the assumption is rooted in various whirlwinds of news surrounding the rapper. He was recently sued for forced labor while his wife faced charges for sending explicit s*xual content to a minor. The now-deleted story also featured a response from Rich The Kid which read,

Retire? Why? How? [People] NEED you, the music you & Ty & we have made was the BIGGEST STAMP in culture to date… in 2024… Maybe some time to chill but retiring ain’t it.

West was sued for deploying minors as staff, with kids as young as 14 being put to work. The rapper’s company also announced the development of an adult film business app that caused quite a stir among the masses. Moreover, there have been many more complaints by employees accusing Yeezy of unfair practices and a toxic work environment.

Fans react to Kanye West’s retirement news

Kanye West
Kanye West | Image by Jason Persse, Licensed to CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fans have been quite upset with West’s recent behavior from anti-Semitic tweets to his actions towards his ex-wife and kids. West has always been an outspoken person and many times, that has backfired for him as he received immense backlash. Now, with his retirement news, fans feel it is time for the star to actually take a step back.

The prevalent sentiment among his fans seems to be that of dislike and despise. They have not resonated with his work lately and wish that he goes into retirement while he’s still a bit relevant.

The struggle with West so far has been to remain in the spotlight, either through his music or through any other means necessary. In the meantime, we wait for an official confirmation of West’s future in the music industry.

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