DC fans couldn’t be more excited to have a video game like Gotham Knights to play. The game is based on DC characters Batman and his allies. Since it’s a treat for the DC fans, it was announced in the best way possible: at 2020’s inaugural DC FanDome! The plot of the game is, that Batman is dead and so is the fear in the minds of the villains. After his death, there’s a rise in the number of villains. So, Batman’s adoptive family takes the responsibility of saving the city on their shoulders. The clan includes Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. The team doesn’t know what the underground criminals are planning against them. The game is being developed by WB Games Montréal and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Let’s go through some important details about the game!

Gotham Knights: video game
Gotham Knights: video game

The Story Of Gotham Knights So Far:

Story so far of Gotham Knights
The story so far of Gotham Knights

In the premiere trailer, we can see Bruce Wayne sending out a secret message to his allies initiating “Code Black”. It is sent to explain to them the situation and how they’re supposed to act. Even during his last breaths, he has the capability to understand what his villains are going to do and how the Batman family can stop them. Moreover, he offers them the Belfry Hideout in Wayne Tower as the new base for them to operate. Even though the four heroes trained with the same Batman, they all had their own unique style, powers, and equipment.

Now that Batman is no more, villains slowly begin to attack. The trailer shows how Mr. Freeze makes Gotham the center point of a nice Ice Age with his new weather machine. However, in the end, the trailer shows that its Court of Owls waiting to strike now that Batman’s gone!

Gotham Knights: Release And Platform Information

Gotham Knights: Release date and supporting Platforms
Gotham Knights: Release date and supporting Platforms

Release Date: The release was initially planned for 2021, but it was later changed to 2022.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, X-Box One, X-Box Series X|S and PC.

Gotham Knights: News And Updates

News and updates on Gotham Knights
News and updates on Gotham Knights

As mentioned above, it’ll focus on four heroes, who are also Batman’s allies and have taken the responsibility of saving the city from villains on their shoulders. To join them we have The Gotham City Police Department. However, Commissioner Jim Gordon is dead, and the cause is unknown. But, the GCPD has lost its way because it is deep-rooted by corruption.

The players will have the option of choosing any character they want throughout the game’s campaign. The game can be played solo or in a two-player cooperative multiplayer mode. In this, the second player can drop in and out any time without affecting the other player! The players can level up their characters. But, the enemies will be leveled up as well. During the day, the players will be at Belfry, their base where they can switch characters, and plan their missions. As soon as they exit the Belfry, the game will fast forward to nighttime.

The developers have revealed that Gotham’s open-world will allow the players to experience both good and bad in the city. The players can also explore the city using batcylcles or grapple hooks. Creative Director Patrick Redding explained that the heroes will have long-term growth. Every villain the heroes will encounter will make them more prepared for the worse that’s yet to come, that is, Court of Owls. So, all of this does sound adventurous and thrilling!

Recently, the game’s marketing took off again, thanks to DC FanDome 2021 wherein a new trailer for the game was featured. It showed Court of Owls as the Knights’ primary threat. Even though they featured a new trailer at the 2021 FanDome, they didn’t announce any release date!

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