Gotham’s Season 5 Episode 8, “Nothing’s Shocking” promo nicely sums the wacky and wonderful insanity achieved by the series in its last few seasons. After Thursday’s episode, the promo footage for “Nothing’s shocking” was released and it does deliver so many promises.

Here’s the Gotham’s Season 5 Episode 8 promo:

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Going by the promo, it doesn’t look like the new episode will continue any of the villain stores going on in Gotham presently. These obviously surround the narrative around Jeremiah Valeska and Eduardo Dorrance. Jeremiah was last seen in Thursday’s episode where he got dropped into a vat of chemicals which destroyed his brain. Eduardo was seen a couple of weeks ago, getting a metal pipe shoved right through his chest. However, he got saved by Walker at the final minute, kicking off the origins of Bane.

What Happens With Barbara Kean?

Barbara Kean in Gotham
Barbara Kean in Gotham

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While neither of these villains seem to be prominent in Gotham’s “Nothing’s Shocking”, we are going to see Barbara Kean. Towards the end of the promo, Barbara was seen holding another Barbara hostage, leaving everyone in Gotham to wonder which one is the real Barbara.

So far, Barbara has been a significant character on Gotham, but the last season is given her an even bigger role than earlier. After a one-night-stand with Jim Gordon, it was revealed that she was pregnant. This adds another turn to their already complicated relationship.


Gotham Season 5
Gotham Season 5

During a recent interview with, Gotham producer John Stephens talked about the relationship between Barbara and Jim. He also teased some big moments that were on the way.

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“That’s a relationship which has such dynamite potential, actually explosive potential, that it gives us, also, a lot of good dynamic of the last five seasons to play with, within every scene,” Stephens told us. “And also the audience is left asking the question of knowing who Barbara Gordon ends up being in the later years. And how she came out of that. I don’t want to give everything away because a lot of it is. Frankly, a surprise of watching these things play out. But that is a relationship that we are going to continue to play throughout the rest of the season. And it adds … It’s not even a ripple effects we’re looking at, as explosive that affects everybody in the show.”

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