The last season of Gotham is probably going to add more wrinkles to the life of one of the most twisted characters in the series, Jeremiah. While some of these wrinkles come as power and success, others come as a new relationship, probably the one we all have been waiting for.

Ahead of the New York Comic Con, where Gotham will be appearing for one last time, had a chance to talk with Cameron Monaghan, who earlier teased some interesting changes for Jeremiah in the last season.

“It was interesting in the last season,” Monaghan said of his character. “His plan succeeded. He destroyed Gotham. He marooned it. He created his maze and his image and all this stuff, which is rare for any villain to succeed. So I think that he’s enjoying that he’s king of the roost and he’s sort of working within the shadows with a lot of respect and he’s sort of the big boogeyman in the city right now. I think he’s enjoying that and it’s giving him a sense of ego and hubris. He has got a girlfriend now and he’s more successful than he’s ever been. I think that that level of success is also causing him to lose his sense of equilibrium a little bit. He’s a bit more manic and unstable than what we’ve ever seen him before. I think that what’s driving him right now and what his plan and what he’s building is, he’s always working or building something, is Bruce.”

“Bruce is his special project. It’s the one thing that’s bothering him and nagging him because it’s the one thing he didn’t succeed at. That’s what we see with him now is he’s happyish but he’s still unsatisfied because he needs to show Bruce how much he loves him, or his twisted version of love.”

While there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this with regards to Jeremiah, that comment by Monaghan about a girlfriend will surely turn heads around. We all know that the character of Jeremiah is loosely based on Joker, and what’s a Joker without a Harley Quinn?

However, there hasn’t been any indication that his new girlfriend will be Harley, but it does make sense, given Ecco’s appearance in the previous season. Ecco’s was Jeremiah’s closest confidant, a person who knew him the best and would do anything he asked for. She also had a knack for pointing guns at people and dressing up like a clown. It’s evident that she did get a Harley Quinn-inspired introduction to the series.

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