After a destructive end to the fourth season, many Gotham fans predicted a jump in time to the final season. We still have a few months till the premiere and these theories have already been turned into facts.

This news comes before the New York Comic Con, where Gotham will be conducting a panel for one last time. This report comes via which states the season premiere will air sometime in early 2019 and will happen almost 87 days after the events of “A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land”, the finale of season 4. This chaos got created when Jeremiah destroyed all bridges and turned Gotham’s control to the hands of the villains.

The premiere will also have another time Flash-forward, exactly taking us to after 391 days of the onset of “No Man’s Land”. At the end of Season 4’s end, Gotham city was absolutely wrecked. With most citizens evacuated, villains like Barbara, Freeze and Penguin have taken over the neighbourhoods. All Gotham is left with is Gordon, Harvey, Lucius and Bruce to try and restore Gotham to its former glory.

Now we’ll tell you how a time jump could work in the series exactly. Firstly, it represents the actual time between seasons. Secondly, this gives an opportunity to explore the chaos the city has fallen into. Instead of showing Penguin and other villains suddenly taking over the show, the series will give them enough time to operate in The environment.

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