It takes a great mind to create a character so iconic that their fandom spans multiple continents, let alone countries. And with the added excitement of a movie blending two universes, the character’s popularity is off the charts.

Deadpool & Wolverine is hitting the theatres in July this year. The creator of the legendary Merc with a Mouth is none other than Rob Liefeld. Deadpool first appeared in a 1990 comic titled New Mutants and has since been an integral part of the cinematic universe by Marvel and Fox.

Deadpool Creator Appreciates Minority Report

a still from deadpool and wolverine trailer
A still from Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the 2002 movie Minority Report is one of the few underappreciated movies by the visionary filmmaker. The futuristic movie goes beyond the realms of reality and envisions a world where an organization called PreCrime prohibits criminal activities and makes arrests based on the presumption that a crime is about to happen. However, when John (played by Tom Cruise) is framed for murder, he tries his best to get out of the situation.

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Minority Report
Minority Report

At the time of release, the movie did not get the appreciation it honestly deserved. People either got confused with the plot or couldn’t relate to the overarching narrative. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool’s character took to X (formerly Twitter) to express how much he liked Minority Report and how people should be more open to liking such innovative movies.

On the post, the ex-creator of X-Men ‘97, Beau DeMayo, commented and agreed with Liefeld’s opinion. The latter responded in the affirmative and suggested that great minds think alike. While Liefeld revolutionized character design and gave us one of the most wacky anti-heroes yet, Beau DeMayo successfully rebooted a past X-Men show that unlocked memories for fans across countries.

Rob Liefeld is Working on a Memoir of his Life

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are excited for Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

The next chapter in comic book artist Rob Liefeld’s life is writing a memoir to describe his journey so far. He has significantly contributed to Marvel comics and even set up Image comics. According to Variety, the memoir is titled Robservations, a witty quip on his name and the observations he has made along the way, both in his life and in the industry in general.

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Aspiring comic book artists and visionary creators alike will gain immense inspiration from his memoir, published by BenBella Publishing. He has contributed to creating memorable characters including Deadpool, Cable, and X-Force for Marvel. Spending 35 years in an ever-evolving industry is no mean feat and Liefeld’s life is no less than a captivating journey.

Robservations is set to release early next year.

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