Lately, quite a few people have experienced the strange alien-like occurrence in the Grand Theft Auto 5. It also includes the appearance of a UFO on the top of Mount Chiliad.

Well, now it seems as if these aliens have finally invaded the common folk of Los Santos in the game. GTA Online is under the terror of these Green Gang Aliens. 

The Tyrant of Aliens

GTA’s love for Supernaturals is at an all-new level.

Several players of GTA online have reported on how mischievous these aliens are. They are beating up other people as well as players with baseball bats, sometimes even to death. The encounters went viral quickly, and shortly another group of aliens was formed. The motive of this new group is to bring an end to the terror of this green alien gang. 

Over the span of a week or so, some different alien gangs have come into existence. It is creating a tricky web of various aliens as well as non-alien gangs. These gangs consistently fight each other to win control over the streets of Los Santos.

Rivals in Diversity

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Nobody is alone.

The greatest rival of the green aliens’ gang is the purple aliens’ gang. The Purple Aliens’ Gang is less prone to attack random players. Instead, they focus on roaming gangs of the green aliens and engage themselves with them. Some people also see them as the makers of peace on the streets of Los Santos. Yet, others think that this is an equally undomesticated gang competing for power.

Though the biggest gangs in the streets of Los Santos are purple and green aliens, they are not the only gangs. Breaking away from these terrorizing groups, there are other minorities too. These include groups like team whites who dress in white costumes.

A Record of Incidents

A poor man is becoming Victim to gangs for no reason.

As if beating up people isn’t enough, they are also abducting now. No! not in a fancy UFO but a rusty van.

Maybe it’s some Civil War in a way.

Some victims were smart enough to manage to get away from these alien attackers. 

Final Words 

Though these encounters result in leaving players dead, they do end up giving a great anecdote too. Finding some new criminals budding isn’t fun, but these killers are providing decent showtime.

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