Awaiting release, the adventure game Guardians of the Galaxy is clearly one of the most expected games in a month that is, honestly, already racked. Releasing this October 26, the news reporters were given a first-hand opportunity to experience the new Eidos-Montréal game, the experience that included hanging out with the Guardians for a chaotic encounter aboard a Nova Corps spaceship.

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Reportedly, the initial mission of the gameplay sees the team attempting to do right and pay off a Nova Corps fine (although not everyone is on board with this plan), but things immediately go amiss as they cross paths with the Universal Church of Truth. Further in the game is non-stop adventure and a gameplay experience that will make want more.

With stellar combat missions, the game reaches prime graphical heights, although most of the gameplay contains storyline missions. Combat in the first few previews was very similar to Devil May Cry-ish game action, but it’s totally something of an RPG experience. Furthermore, developers spent a good amount of effort in adding missions like exploring, solving puzzles, and all-around open-world gameplay. It is evident that Eidos-Montréal was producing an experience focused on getting to know the team, but the silent scenes of just walking through a hallway and being part of a conversation are some of the most indulging elements. From conversing with the crew of the Milano to entering the Nova Corps base, it felt nearly as a classic adventure game. There are millions of things to look for, from easter eggs that will give you a chuckle to lore dumps to expand upon the world.

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One of the chapters played in the trial ended with a huge battle, as Star-Lord attempted to free the Milano while an army of enemies rushed in. The fights got pretty berserk, but it didn’t feel overwhelming with Guardians dodging attacks from all directions and classic rock blaring. There’s much character and heart in Guardians as in the movie, giving a fulfilling experience. Luckily, players will not have to wait much longer for the full version of the game. Guardians of the Galaxy Game releases October 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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