In a move that was described as standing up for local businesses in the NYC area, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has been sued by a rival company simply referred to as ‘RHODE’. The brand (co-founded by Phoebe Vickers and Purna Khatau) is currently selling sweaters on New York City’s Lower East Side, as per the sources.

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Vickers And Khatau Launched RHODE In 2013

During the recent lawsuit, co-founder of RHODE, Purna Khatau echoed loud that they founded their company in 2013 and have:

dedicated ourselves to growing and nurturing the RHODE brand through much personal sacrifice and hardship.

Khatau and Vickers are co-owners of the RHODE trademark, as per Khatau’s declaration.  With that being said, the brand is all set to touch $14.5 million by the year ending.

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The Hailey Baldwin Bieber lawsuit
The Hailey Baldwin Bieber lawsuit

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Launched RHODE Earlier This Month

When Bieber launched a new line of skincare products earlier this month, it didn’t take long for the co-founder of RHODE to realize that something was wrong. The company has already seen significant negative impacts as a result of confusion in the marketplace, and because of that, they are infuriated with Bieber instead of being supportive.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber

The lawsuit states:

Instagram initially promised the @rhode handle to the designers since it was dormant per Instagram policy, but after initially promising it to us, Instagram decided to allow Ms. Bieber to use it even though it had no posts until June 8, 2022.

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With that being said, Khatau and Vickers asked the court to order Hailey Coleman to cease using the name “RHODE” to describe her skincare line. They echoed:

The brand Rhode is everything we have worked hard to achieve, and her using our name is hurting our company, our employees, our customers, and our partners.

What happens next, only the coming weeks will tell. Till then, let us know your view on the notion in the comment section.

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