Anthony Michael Hall recalls Jamie Lee Curtis’ warm greeting on set when they first met for the film Halloween Kills. Anthony Michael Hall plays the grown-up Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills. The boy Laurie Strode babysat during Michael Myers’ first rampage through Haddonfield was first played by child actor Brian Andrews in the 1978 film and Paul Rudd in the sixth film, 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. In Halloween Kills, on the other hand, he’s a tough fighter who leads a mob of enraged townsfolk in a hunt for Michael Myers to stop him from killing any more people.  Read Hall’s full quote below.

Interview With The Hollywood Reporter

Halloween Kills
Anthony Michael Hall in Halloween Kills

In an interview with THR, Hall described his first meeting with Curtis. He’d been working for over two weeks before Curtis arrived on set, and he laughed as he remembered their first encounter, adding the actress welcomed him with “two bloodied hands.” Curtis’ “great energy” and “kind and generous” presence, according to Hall, made the Halloween Kills set a positive environment to work in.

“Jamie Lee started about a week and a half into the production. So we had already done a bunch of scenes, and I felt really good about it. And then one day, we were standing outside of the Haddonfield hospital that we doubled in Wilmington, and all of a sudden, these two bloodied hands were shaking and waving in my face. And through the fingers, I could see it was Jamie Lee. And then she opened her arms and gave me a big hug and said, “Welcome to the family.” She was great. Jamie Lee has a wonderful energy about her.

I think that she’s someone who certainly appreciates her journey and the amount of work she’s done and contributed to, but the most impressive part was just interpersonal. She’s encouraging of others and she’s a very loving and generous spirit … As you’ve probably heard from many actors, the tone is often set by the leaders on set, whether it’s the filmmaker, the producers or what have you. So she was a great boss to work for and a great actress to work with.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween Kills
Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode

Jamie Lee Curtis might be regarded as the “boss” of the Halloween franchise. Curtis has horror filmmaking in her blood as the daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh, and her first film appearance, at the age of 20, was in the original Halloween. She and Laurie Strode were as much of a part of the franchise as Michael Myers. When the last instalment of the trilogy, Halloween Ends, is released next year, she will have played the character seven times.

Halloween Kills
Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle

Any actor, especially one as well-known as Anthony Michael Hall, would find it challenging to enter a film franchise and a part that has been famous for four decades. Because the first Halloween was released when Hall was only ten years old, taking on the part of Tommy would have been like walking into his boyhood world. According to Hall’s comments, Curtis was mainly responsible for the success of Halloween Kills, as he strived to make the set inviting and rewarding for both new and returning actors.

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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